The Longest Fight by Emily Bullock

The Longest Fight

The Longest Fight – advance review copy from NewBooks magazine

A novel about boxing is probably one of the last books I’d be likely to pick up, so it was with a bit of a sigh that I began this book. However, this isn’t a book about boxing. Yes, it does feature heavily – it’s about a boxing promotor and his newest prodigy – but this novel is about so much more than fighting in the ring. It’s about the struggle faced by those living in post war London. It’s a book about family. It’s a book with an intriguing beginning as we meet Jack, dubbed The Silent killer by tabloid newspapers, in a prison cell about to face hanging for murder. It’s a book defined by the memorable characters Emily Bullock has created: Jack, Frank, Pearl and Georgie to name but a few. Jack Munday was a boxer in his younger days and he has been shaped by the battles he has faced in life: his bullying father, fights in the boxing ring, the seedy underworld of London, the tragic death of the first woman he loved, making sense of the life he is left with. It’s a book about his relationship with his daughter who he will do anything for. It’s a book which ultimately is about the sacrifices Jack makes for others. A really wonderful first novel – just read and enjoy.

I gave it 4*

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