How I Wonder What You Are by Jane Lovering


Advance review copy from Netgalley

‘Maybe he wasn’t there because of the lights – maybe they were there because of him…’

It’s been over eighteen months since Molly Gilchrist has had a man (as her best friend, Caro, is so fond of reminding her), so when she as good as stumbles upon one, lying comatose, on the moors one bitterly cold morning, it seems like the Universe is having a laugh at her expense. But Phinn Baxter, (that’s Doctor Phinneas Baxter) is no drunken layabout, as Molly is soon to discover; with a PhD in astrophysics and a tortured past that is a match for Molly’s own disastrous love life. Finding mysterious men on the moors isn’t the weirdest thing Molly has to contend with, however. There are the strange lights she keeps seeing in the sky. The ones she’s only started seeing since meeting Phinn…

I always enjoy books published by Choc Lit. I always know that there will be strong characters, a great storyline and a satisfying ending. This book was no exception. I really warmed to both the main characters, Molly and Phinn. Molly seems to be quite a practical self assured woman but it is clear she has a past she is trying to forget. Phinn is exceptionally clever but has no confidence in himself outside of his scientific work. Throughout the book I was willing them to get together as they are so obviously perfectly matched and could help each other deal with their pasts. Over the course of the book, we gradually get to find out what they are trying to put behind them, who has hurt them both so much and why they have ended up in the sleepy village of Riverdale. There are many twists and turns in the story with lots of humour and just a hint of magic. Do Molly and Phinn finally get together? Well, you’ll need to read this lovely, heartwarming book for yourself to find out.

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