6 Ways To Show Your Support For Your Favourite Authors.

Some good reminders here of how to support authors. Reviews and feedback are so important to them. As well as people buying their books of course!


We all have our favourite authors or books that we love, wouldn’t it be great though to support these wonderful authors in other ways than just buying the book itself?

Below is a list of ways that fans and readers alike can help spread the word about their favourite books and authors.

1. The most obvious one is to buy the book itself

2. As they say ‘Sharing is Caring’. If you enjoy a book spread the word! Social media is a      fantastic way of letting the world know what your up to and what you enjoy.

3. Review. If you enjoy a book let the author as well as other readers know what you thought. Just think how a lovely review could really brighten up your favourite authors day, if praise is due, give it! There are many ways to leave reviews but the most important one…

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