The Secret of Us by Liesel Schmidt

Thanks to Netgalley and Carina UK publishers for the chance to review. Published in ebook format 13th April 2015.

What it’s about:

After her fiancé breaks up with her in ‘their restaurant’, leaving her with no explanation other than an apology scrawled on a napkin, Eira no longer feels at home in North Carolina. So she leaves for the Florida coast, hoping that rebuilding her life will be easier somewhere new. But while her new home may hold no trace of the past, life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned…and suddenly, a chance meeting turns Eira’s life upside down. Finally faced with the opportunity to ask her questions about love, lies, and the life she thought was hers, Eira realises that hearing the answers is going to hurt. Yet if she is brave enough to listen, finding the missing piece of the past might lead her to a brighter future than she ever thought possible…

What I thought:

This book was an easy read but one with real depth of feeling. It was packed with emotion throughout. Eira’s devastation at the end of her relationship with Matt is clearly related by Liesel Schmidt, as is her shock when she later unexpectedly meets someone who can explain what has happened. I felt that the author wrote movingly and convincingly about Eira’s feelings and emotional turmoil as gradually she begins to understand what happened and why Matt left her. The relationships between Eira and her family and friend Maggie are also well described. However, the relationships with and revelations that come from Oliver and Charles are the real essence of this book. Although they both help Eira to understand what has happened to Matt, she too helps them to come to terms with the effects on their lives. In a way, they all need each other to come to a full understanding and acceptance of events – to be able to move on with their own lives. I did feel that it took a little too long for Eira to finally be told about Matt and would have liked this to be revealed earlier in the book.  The ending is not perhaps what you might expect earlier in the book but it is a very pleasing one. As Eira can see “all around …. possibilities and new life beginnings”.

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