Secrets of the River by Jess McGlynn

I don’t know about a river of secrets but the whole French village of Brantome seemed to have something to hide – a real den of intrigue! Isabelle arrives to stay with her sister Martha and brother in law Eric leaving behind a tragic loss – one for which she feels a great deal of guilt. Only those three know what has really happened. This loss causes Isabelle deep grief and also anxiety attacks. No sooner is she is the village than she attracts the attention of three different, attractive men. And it soon becomes clear to the reader that they all have secrets too – in fact so do most of the characters!

I thought Jess McGlynn painted a great picture of the French village: the narrow cobbled streets, the grand villas, the painted shutters, the locals spotting the outsider immediately and the claustrophobic atmosphere of living in a place where everyone thinks they know everyone else’s business. Although, with all these secrets being kept, clearly they don’t! I had a look at Brantome online and it looks a beautiful place, almost as I had pictured it, though maybe a bit bigger that I’d thought. The river looks gorgeous as it winds its way through the village.

I enjoyed reading about Isabelle as she came to know all the villagers and in particular the attraction between Isabelle and Matteo and also with Hugo. The love story aspect is sweetly told and comes to a satisfyingly happy ending. All the secrets are eventually revealed too and it is surprising how many are interconnected. A light entertaining story that is just perfect for summer reading or when you need that happy-ever-after feeling.

                                         Four star review

Thank you to THE Book Club and Jess McGlynn for the opportunity to read and review this book.

What the book is about:

Some secrets simply can’t remain hidden…

When Isabelle moves to a sleepy riverside village in France she thinks she is being given a second chance.  Keen to leave behind the secrets of her past, she throws herself into village life where she meets cute American journalist Ed, rugged vineyard worker Matteo, and the dark and mysterious Hugo.  Life should be good, but Isabelle’s arrival acts as a catalyst in the village and she soon discovers she isn’t the only one trying to escape her past and that sometimes there are things which simply can’t remain hidden.  Isabelle must face her mistakes and rediscover herself in this wonderful romance set against an idyllic backdrop.

You can buy Secrets of the River for Kindle here

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