The Rest of My Life by Sheryl Browne

When I first started reading this book I couldn’t see how Adam was going to be likeable at all! He really seemed to be completely immoral, a Casanova happily sleeping with any woman who came his way – and it seemed there were plenty! Sienna, an aspiring screenwriter, is hugely attracted to him and he sounds like a bit of an Adonis to be fair. Sienna has been hurt in a recent relationship and is still being hounded by her ex. She has come to the riverside cottage for peace to work on a script which her editor has suggested needs spicing up a little. But with no experience on that front, how can she write something convincing? It seems that Adam may just provide the perfect inspiration.

I enjoyed this story more and more as it went on and it becomes clear that Adam had his reasons for being a commitment-phobe. There was such a sad story in his past and I began to realise that he was much misunderstood. Sienna too has a similar sad story in her background. As Sienna comes to know Adam better, she realises that there is more to him than everyone thinks and he is a much better person than everyone seems to believe. If only she could convince her friends.  As for Adam, he  feels that Sienna could be that special someone in his life but can he commit?

The Rest of My Life is an entertaining love story where, inevitably, the path to true love doesn’t run smoothly. There were a few really funny moments in the story too such as when Adam was on the phone to Sienna on several occasions being, shall I politely say amorous, only to discover that her PE instructor father was listening grimly behind! There’s a hint of magic in this book, with a ghostly presence guiding some of Adam’s decisions. I learned a fabulous new word too – gongoozler: someone who enjoys watching activity on canals.

The Rest of My Life was a great fun, really enjoyable read and it turned out that Adam was a true ChocLit hero after all! Definitely recommend this one for summer holiday reading.

My thanks to Netgalley and ChocLit for the chance to read and review this book. It will be released as an ebook on 15 July 2015. You can pre-order for Kindle here: The Rest of My Life

What the book is about:

You can’t run away from commitment forever …
Adam Hamilton-Shaw has more reason than most to avoid commitment. Living on a houseboat in the Severn Valley, his dream is to sail into the sunset – preferably with a woman waiting in every port. But lately, his life looks more like a road to destruction than an idyllic boat ride. Would-be screenplay writer Sienna Meadows realises that everything about Adam spells trouble – but she can’t ignore the feeling that there is more to him than just his bad reputation. Nor can she ignore the intense physical attraction that exists between them.  And it just so happens that Adam sees Sienna as the kind of woman he could commit to. But can he change his damaging behaviour – or is the road to destruction a one-way street?

6 thoughts on “The Rest of My Life by Sheryl Browne

  1. OMG, I can breathe. I’ve been so worried about poor misunderstood Adam, I’ve been holding my breath. Thank you so much for a totally fabulous review! Hugely appreciated. I am so relieved, And so is Sienna! Yay! *Big grins!*

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