Picture Mr Perfect by Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess

Imagine the front cover of Fifty Shades of Grey (yes I have read it) – you know, the one with the tie, before the film came out and people started imagining Jamie Dornan as Christian (no I haven’t seen it!). Now imagine that original cover had a full picture or head shot of a man on it – how famous would he be given how many people read that book? That’s what happens to Jason, the main character in Picture Mr Perfect. He’s a grad student studying psychology but when his grade average drops a little, he loses his scholarship. Struggling for money, he goes to an agency which is advertising for models of any shape, size or age. He certainly doesn’t think he’s good looking but just looking to earn a bit money. Before he knows it, women are staring at him on the street and flirting with him. He soon discovers that his image has been used on the front cover of one the current best-selling books and women think of him as the dashing Lord Damon!

His college friends think this is hilarious and that he should take advantage of the opportunities (ie women) this gives him. But Jason is a quiet, unassuming person  and as he says “it felt weird to know that other people were picturing him kissing the girl in this novel and telling her his undying love or burning heart or whatever was bound to hers entirely from their first acquaintance.” Add into this Emily, the student and part-time waitress he is attracted to who is less than impressed with his new-found fame and you have the ingredients for a charming romantic comedy. Is Jason able to convince her that he’s not like Lord Damon, or Mr Darcy as he also becomes, and will they find their own happy-ever-after?

I really enjoyed this story – it made me smile a lot. I have often wondered about the people whose images are used in adverts etc and how people they actually know react to them. Even more so now in the digital age when someone’s picture can be sent and seen so quickly across the globe, perhaps in an ever changing meme. This book gives a gentle, humorous insight into just that along with an engaging love story. Picture Mr Perfect is perfect for a light, entertaining read.

My thanks to one of the authors Laura Briggs, for offering me a copy of this book to review. Picture Mr Perfect is available as an e-book and you can buy a copy here:

Amazon UK: Picture Mr Perfect

Amazon.com: Picture Mr Perfect

Book description

Jason Barry’s no hero, although he does hope to change the world one day by helping people once he finally earns his master’s degree in psychology. When his scholarship is unexpectedly revoked, however, Jason takes on a temporary modelling gig for money to help pay the bills, never dreaming it’ll land him on the cover of a best-selling romance novel – and transform him from the boy-next-door to a hot literary hunk almost overnight. Suddenly, women recognize Jason as the face of sexy ‘Lord Damon’ everywhere he goes, making him the envy and admiration of his male friends. But as covers featuring him as everything from a swashbuckling hero to Mr. Darcy himself causes his celebrity status to explode, Jason struggles to balance his academic pursuits, as well as his deepening attraction for Emily, a waitress and part-time student at his university. Emily is definitely unimpressed by Jason’s literary alter-ego. But can the real Jason convince her there’s more to him than meets the eye? Or will bigger issues prevent their happy-ever-after, when certain truths between them challenge the definition of a real hero?

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