Rules for Thursday Lovers by Yana Stajno

Rules for Thursday Lovers  was an unexpectedly funny read. It did take me a wee while to get into the story and get to know the characters but once I did, I really enjoyed this. Angie meets old school friend Fiona on a night out and they rekindle what used to be a close friendship. Fiona in particular is very dis-satisfied with her marriage and life in general and suggests that the two women advertise for a time-share lover. They make up a set of rules including no falling in love,  strictly week about and both women to approve the candidate. It seemed a bit unlikely to me that Angie would have agreed to this but setting that aside, once she was reluctantly involved, the story quickly became very entertaining!

As you might expect, the rules go out the window once the two friends actually find a man to share. Or rather they don’t find a suitable man, as they have very different tastes. There are so many crossed wires, mistaken identities and misunderstandings. The scrabble set on the front cover features in a very funny scene.  It turns out that the characters all have much closer links to each other than you would think. And of course, they have no clue about this making it even funnier and frequently have conversations at cross purposes! A few side-plots featuring a pick-pocket who pops up everywhere and a violin playing escapee from the old people’s home where Angie works add to the humour.

Lots of the farcical situations put me in mind of tv programmes like Fawlty Towers or Absolutely Fabulous. To compare with books, Rules for Thursday Lovers is written with a similar kind of humour and situations to Robert Bryndza’s Coco Pinchard books or A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian. A highly entertaining read for when you want a good giggle.

My thanks to Kate Appleton at Authoright for giving me a copy of this book to review. Rules for Thursday Lovers was published by Clink Street Publishing on 16th July 2015 and you can order a copy here: Rules for Thursday Lovers

Book description:

When old school friends, Angie and Fiona, bump into one another at a rather drunken timeshare event aboard a barge on the river Thames, their reunion will prove to be auspicious. Bored with her life, Fiona insists they both need some excitement. Their marriages have grown stale; their previous hopes and dreams confined to the top shelf, just out of reach. Both women crave romance, not a timeshare apartment. Timesharing a lover; now that would be interesting… Auditions are swiftly convened at London Zoo, with hopefuls including a language student, an opera singer and a pickpocket. Their advert also falls into the hands of a young lawyer called Jake, a colleague of Angie’s solicitor husband on a sperm-ownership case. To make sure they each play fair, the women create a list of rules by which they will court and enjoy a man of their mutual choosing. But when has love ever been fair, especially amongst friends?

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