Best loved children’s book

So many memories brought back by this post! I loved the What Katy Did books though can’t remember very much about it now. For me, it was Enid Blyton books which were read over and over again. The Famous Five series when I was younger (still have all my tatty copies in my attic which I read to my own girls when they were little) and the Adventure series – The Island of Adventure was a particular favourite. Then I moved on to the boarding school books – Malory Towers, St Clare’s, The Naughtiest Girl books all were well thumbed. Malory Towers was my favourite – I just loved Darrell and wanted to go there too. I’m sure I would have hated it! Although Blyton isn’t exactly pc these days, she was a great storyteller and captured the imaginations of generations of young readers setting up a love of books which would last a lifetime. What are your childhood favourites? I’d love to know, leave a comment.

Take Five Authors

At my writers’ group, YA author Claire Watts recently ran a workshop on writing for different age groups of children from tiny tots to young adults. We were asked to think about a book which had made an impact on us in our own childhood.whatkatydid

I thought immediately of What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge. I loved that book. I remember once snapping it shut saying, “Thank goodness, I’ve finished it.”

My mother asked if I hadn’t enjoyed it. And when I assured her I had, asked, “So why are you pleased you’ve finished it?”

“So I can read it again,” I said. And I did, many times. The number 23 resonates but I couldn’t have read it 23 times, could I?

I did read many other books throughout my childhood – unlike my young sister who, having read a Hardy Boys novel declared it was the best book she’d…

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