Blogiversary Giveaway Winners


Thank you so much to everyone who visited the blog last week, shared and tweeted about the giveaways, became a new follower and entered the giveaways. It was a really busy week with the usual reviews and interviews as well as the giveaways and three times during the week, my previous record numbers of views and visitors was broken! All of the winners have now been contacted and prizes will either be with you now or are on their way. Here is a full list:

The Katy Hogan prize bundle was won by Janet Lambert

Linda Hill won a copy of The Disobedient Wife by Annika Milisic Stanley

Nicola Smith won a book Sculpture by Ann Troup

Sarah Hardy was a copy of Ann Troup’s The Silent Girls

Ann’s other book, The Lost Child, was won by Sheila McGirr

Janet Gover’s The Wild One was won by Tracey Peach

An Unfamiliar Murder by Jane Isaac was won by Jill Doyle

The Second Chance Shoe Shop went to Rachel Gilbey

The Little French Guest House by Helen Pollard was won by Neil Naidoo

Christina Philippou won a copy of Daughters of The Silk Road by Debbie Rix

Carol Wyer’s Life Swap went to Michelle Hackett

A copy of A Mother’s Secret by Renita D’Silva was won by Adele

And finally the ten sets of bookmarks are on their way or soon will be to: Julie Boon, Kerry Parsons, Karen Cocking, Sarah Hardy, Cleo Bannister, Naomi Menzies, Sharon Wilden, Anne Cater, Josie Barton and Laura Bambrey.

I hope everyone enjoys their prizes and if you won a book, please do leave a review for the author on Amazon or GoodReads. Thank you to all the lovely authors and publishers who generously donated prizes for the giveaways – I really appreciated your support.



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