Anything for Her relaunch- Jack Jordan

I’m really pleased to be part of the relaunch celebrations for Jack Jordan’s Anything For Her, now with a fresh new cover. I read this book last year and was very impressed. You can order the newly updated book here for just 99p: Anything For Her I am sharing my review for Anything for Her again below and really looking forward to Jack Jordan’s newest book, My Girl, which is due out early July.

Anything for Her is the enthralling story of a family’s rapid disintegration following the traumatic events of ‘that night’. Michael and Louise’s marriage is in crisis following his confession that he has been having an affair with her sister Denise. His justification for the affair is that Louise has been cold and distant since something which happened one night almost a year ago. Their daughter, Brooke, has also been affected by that night turning from an outgoing teenager into a reclusive girl, with no friends who rarely goes out. Michael has huge problems of his own which also threaten the family’s security.

This book is one of those where you just have to keep reading ‘just one more chapter’! The chapters are usually quite short but there is so much happening in them that you just want to read on. Very gradually you start to get a feel for what has happened that night. Though I say gradually, this is by no means a slow burner of a story. It is a very fast paced book with secrets and guilt which are eating away at the family.

At the centre of the story is the dilemma faced by Louise: what would you do to protect your loved ones? Louise has helped her daughter cover something up and although it has clearly affected them both, life seems to be moving on. But now the past is catching up with them in terrifying ways. As the book goes on, you can really feel the horror and panic felt by Louise. When Brooke goes missing,  she really doesn’t know what to do. If she tells the police the reason why she may be missing they are both in serious trouble but if she doesn’t, Brooke may be in danger. A real Catch 22 situation which just gets worse and worse in this nailbiting book.

Although this is a lot darker than many books I read, I found it a compelling read. It is very well written and cleverly plotted and rattles along at a fair old pace. It is not a formulaic thriller and I certainly did not predict how the book would end. This is an assured debut novel from this young writer who could easily be one of the top thriller writers of the future.  I am sure that we will be hearing the name Jack Jordan a lot in years to come and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for his books.

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