The Late Blossoming of Frankie Green by Laura Kemp

Poor Frankie Green. She’s been with childhood sweetheart Jason for 14 years when he surprises and shocks her on their first wedding anniversary by suddenly wanting to spice things up in the bedroom. She is taken aback when Jason announces that he feels things are a bit predictable in bed and that he’s moving out. Devastated, she decides that the only way to win Jason back is to get herself a sex education and finds a friend who is willing to help out! This friend is also in an unusual romantic situation with the love-of-his life having disappeared off on a round the world trip. Frankie has lots of support from her very good friends Letty and Em and their stories are told throughout the book too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and was cheering Frankie on as she began to discover more about herself and grew in confidence throughout the book. She was incredibly naïve for a woman of 30 but putting that aside, she was a sweet and caring person. It was really funny reading about her attempts to broaden her horizons, following a lesson plan of 10 areas she felt she should really know about, roleplaying for example. Her tutor was a great character too and although you might think he was trying to take advantage of Frankie, if you read the book, you’ll realise he really wasn’t. However, their lessons have an effect on each other that they really weren’t expecting! It was great to see Frankie blossom from a woman with little self-worth at the beginning of the book to a much happier, more confident woman by the end. Thank goodness she realised that the problem wasn’t with her but with Jason.

I also enjoyed following the stories of Em and Letty and in their own ways, they blossomed too. Both their stories will keep you engaged though I must say I was more drawn to Em’s storyline than Letty’s until quite near the end. The friendship between the three women was a strong feature throughout the book even though Frankie was keeping rather a large secret from them! I must also mention Frankie’s lovely Dad and one of her clients, Phyll, both of whom had wise words to help Frankie come to accept herself and value herself more.

This book was a lovely, light-hearted read with lots of scenes to make you smile. Laura Kemp has written a very entertaining, witty book about believing in yourself and I look forward to reading more by this author in future.

Thanks to the publishers Aria for inviting me to read and review this book. The Late Blossoming of Frankie Green will be published as an ebook tomorrow, 1st June. You can order a copy here: Frankie Green

Click here for your chance to win one of three e-copies of this book, courtesy of the publishers.

From the back of the book

Frankie Green’s happy ever after is put on hold when her childhood sweetheart husband complains things are boring in bed.

When he asks for some space, she sets out to win him back by getting herself a sex education.

Little does she know that her hilarious, tender and embarrassing journey of enlightenment is going to change everything…

A story full of humour, heartache and happiness, of friendship, coming of age and overcoming insecurity.

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