Four Weddings and A Fiasco by Catherine Ferguson

I met the author Catherine Ferguson recently when lots of authors and bloggers got together in Edinburgh. At the time I was just about to start this book about Katy Peacock, a wedding photographer. So I suppose it’s quite ironic that the only photos I have of Catherine seem to be of her back! I’d never make a wedding photographer that’s for sure! The photographer at a wedding has such a crucial role making sure they get all the best shots to capture the memories of the day while trying to be unobtrusive. At my own wedding, our photographer promised to bring rough proof copies to the evening reception. He didn’t turn up and it actually about three months before we saw our photos and as you can imagine, I was really starting to panic by then!

Before I tell you about the book, I must just mention the glittering cover which you really can’t appreciate from the picture. It really does look like a beautiful wedding invitation. Katy, as I mentioned, is a wedding photographer absolutely dedicated to making sure that she records the best moments of the big day. She is completely professional, always wanting to do her best and works really hard. Until two years ago, she was in business with her younger sister Sienna but there has been a massive fall-out between the sisters and Sienna moved to Paris. Now she’s about to come back, causing Katy a huge amount of worry as she has refused to have any contact with Sienna since then. As well as this mystery, her mum has started to behave rather oddly and her best friend’s fiance seems to have secrets of his own. After some time avoiding relationships, Katy literally bumps into gorgeous Gabe outside her house but then begins a relationship with younger man Harry. There’s a lot going on in Katy’s life and I really enjoyed reading about how she copes with what’s happening with her love life, her work life and with her friends and family.

This was a really enjoyable book and Katy in particular was a character I really warmed to. She is an independent strong woman trying hard to sort out some problems she has with a particularly nasty sounding ex-boyfriend and obviously still hurting from whatever has happened with her sister. Despite her own issues, she cares deeply about her friends and family and does her best to help everyone through any problems they have too. She’s the kind of person you could see being a real friend. I did love her friend Mallory too, she was a hoot! And I don’t think anyone could fail to have a soft spot for the lovely Gabe, even though he could be a bit irritating at times.

Some of the things that happened at the various weddings in the book were really funny and the wedding when the groom ends up in a tree had me laughing out loud. Just about any disaster you can imagine brides dreading happened, with one of those being the kind of moment where everyone would freeze in horror. Throughout though there is the idea that if the bride and groom really love each other, then being together is what matters, not how perfect or otherwise their wedding is.

Four Weddings and A Fiasco is a perfect book to lose yourself in for a few hours and enjoy getting to know Katy and her friends. It’s a heart-warming story about friendship, family and love and the ending is just perfect.

Thanks to publishers Avon Books (Maze) for the review copy of this book. It was published in paperback and as an e-book on 16th June 2016 and you can order a copy here: Four Weddings and A Fiasco

From the back of the book

Katy Peacock lives a life as colourful as her name.

As a wedding photographer, she spends her days making other people smile as she captures all sorts of fun and capers at celebrations that range from the wacky to the wild.

But her own life isn’t looking quite so rosy. Her mum is acting out of character, her menacing ex is back on the scene, and she is torn between two gorgeous men. And that’s before we even get started on the trouble her sister is causing . . .

As Katy weathers the ups and downs of the season, she revisits problems from the past, discovers new friendships and finds that four weddings and a fiasco have the power to change her world beyond measure.

A funny, feel-good read, perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Jenny Colgan.

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