Can You Read Without Prejudice by Anonymous


We know we shouldn’t but I think we are all guilty of judging a book by its cover at times, or perhaps by its author. There are some authors you might not read as you think you don’t like their genre, which is maybe why some authors write with two or more names. Or you can be put off or attracted to a book by the artwork on its cover. This book is a bit different. As you can see from above, there is no title, no author, minimal artwork and very little else to tell you about it. Here is what the publishers Hodder & Stoughton say about it: “There are two points in life when we are all equal: at the moment of birth and at the moment of death. It is how we live in between that defines us. Delicately balanced. Perfectly crafted. Beautifully written.  We want you to immerse yourself in this dazzling novel, free from any preconceptions that a cover, title or author can bring. We ask you simply to #readwithoutprejudice.”

I’ve had a review copy of this to read for quite a while but as the publication date was given as October, I had been waiting till nearer then to read it. Then I heard that the publishers were going to announce the author and title yesterday (I’m not sure they did though or maybe I missed it) so I thought I’d better at least make a start so I really could ‘read without prejudice’. Well, I have been totally engrossed in the book over the past few days and think it is a terrific read. I’m not sure how much to say about it without giving too much away so that other reviewers who haven’t read it yet can still read without prejudice. What I will say is that the author has written a powerful book looking a very difficult and sadly all too topical situation. It’s the kind of book which will have you wondering what you would do in each character’s position, what is right and what is wrong and shows that everyone has their prejudices. It shows all the characters to have their flaws, some much deeper than others. It’s a hard-hitting storyline and can make for difficult and uncomfortable reading at times. Although I was quite sure about the rights and wrongs within the own story it did challenge some of my own thinking too. 

I do actually know now who the author is but I’m not saying yet until it’s officially announced. You can probably find out quite easily by an internet search if you really want to know. It’s an author whose books I have read previously and enjoyed though I’ve not read any for some time now. Would I have chosen to read this one knowing who it was by? Possibly but I wouldn’t have been desperate to get my hands on it. And that would have been a shame as it’s a very well crafted, thought-provoking book with some very important messages.

Thanks to the publishers Hodder & Stoughton for allowing me to read this review copy. I can’t tell you any more publication details but will add them when I know.

This book has now been revealed as Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. It is due to be published in hardback and as an ebook on 22nd November 2016. You can preorder a copy here

6 thoughts on “Can You Read Without Prejudice by Anonymous

  1. Gosh how intriguing. Can’t help feeling sorry for the redundant art and design consultants though if this caught on. In a way it’s a gimmick in itself, so you would actually be prejudiced by that, wouldn’t you? Anyway, will read it if I can get a copy before they announce the author.

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    1. I expect the finished product will have a proper design. I don’t think they’ll market it like this. It was definitely intriguing though!


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