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I am rounding off my Scottish Publishers Week with a great post all about Kelpies Books. Kelpies is an imprint of independent publishing company Floris Books, which is based in Edinburgh. I have fond memories of Kelpies books such as Mollie Hunter’s The Lothian Run and Kathleen Fidler’s The Desperate Journey. My own children certainly have read a few with Lari Don’s First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts being a favourite of us all when we read it as a bedtime story. Let’s hear about what makes Kelpies such special books.

If you have a child or have been a child, in Scotland, I can almost guarantee you’ve picked up a Kelpie!

2016 marks Floris Books’ 40th anniversary. We truly began as a kitchen table publisher: a couple of people around the kitchen table, a few books and a lot of hard work. Our roots were religious publishing, developing to include books on the life and work of German philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who had views on subjects as diverse as child development, agriculture and education.

Today we’re a 15-strong team in a shiny new office. Although we still stay close to our roots, we are also Scotland’s biggest children’s publisher, well known for our Kelpies children’s books.


Kelpies are Scottish books for children everywhere. Many people have fond memories of Kelpies in their childhood, books by classic Scottish authors like Kathleen Fidler, George Mackay Brown and Mollie Hunter. Today children in Scotland also enjoy new Kelpies books by award-winning Scottish children’s authors including Lari Don, Janis Mackay and Alex McCall, and literary greats as Theresa Breslin, Joan Lingard and Cathy MacPhail.

We now publish Kelpies for all ages from tots to teens: Wee Kelpies board books, Picture Kelpies quality Scottish picture books, Young Kelpies fun and illustrated chapter books for younger readers  and KelpiesTeen, Scottish books with attitude!

All of our Kelpies books have a Scottish connection — be it the author, illustrator, characters, storyline or setting — which makes them very special indeed.

2016 has been great for our Kelpies across the UK, not just in Scotland. Thorfinn and the Awful Invasion was shortlisted for the inaugural LOL(Laugh-Out-Loud)lies award, The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie won the Blue Peter Best Story Award, as well as the Scottish Children’s Book Award. We’re excited to be publishing Ross’s next book, Shadowsmith, this month. It’s set in a Scottish seaside town (not Portobello) but is irrefutably for children everywhere. And Lari Don’s brand new adventure trilogy has just launched. Look out for Spellchasers: The Beginner’s Guide to Curses at a bookshop near you.

We are also always on the hunt for new talent, running the hugely popular Kelpies Prize for authors and The Kelpies Design Prize for illustrators. For more than a decade, the Kelpies Prize, generously supported by Creative Scotland, is a fabulous opportunity for new writers to be read by editors and has brought us some of our biggest authors.

With fabulous forty under our belt, Floris has still got a few surprises left to share with new books, new authors and whole new ranges appearing next year. Visit us at to hear all about it!

As a special present for our 40th birthday, although really we should be getting the gifts, you have the chance to win books for all the children in your life.

Thank you so much to Suzanne at Floris for offering this fantastic package of five books with something for children of all ages. For your chance to win this prize, click on the Rafflecopter link below. You can enter up to midnight UK time on Sunday 11th September.

Click here for your chance to win |

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  1. Love this selection. I recently managed to track down a copy of Carbonel my favourite childhood book and I’m reading it nightly to my granddaughter (who seems more puzzled by the 1950s setting than a cat than a magical cat and a broomstick) 😘

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