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Confetti at the Cornish Café (The Cornish Café Series, Book 3) by [Ashley, Phillipa]


I had a lovely surprise last week when a paperback copy of Summer at the Cornish Cafe and a proof of Confetti at the Cornish Cafe arrived in the post. Confetti at the Cornish Cafe is the third in a series featuring Demi (short for Demelza) and Cal and their holiday park of Kilhallon in Cornwall. The main story is stand alone with previous storylines mentioned in passing but I feel it would be enhance your enjoyment if you read the previous novels to get a better understanding of Cal and Demi’s backgrounds and the relationship between them. You can read my reviews of the other two books by clicking here:  Summer at the Cornish Cafe and Christmas at the Cornish Cafe

In this book, Cal and Demi are about to launch Kilhallon as a quirky wedding venue and to their surprise their first potential customers are none other than a famous filmstar couple. Trying to get Kilhallon ready and keep the news of the wedding secret proves to be quite difficult not helped by Mawgan Cade who is as always trying to cause trouble.

One thing I particularly enjoyed in this book was reading about how the relationship between Demi and her father was deepening, helped by her father’s new partner Rachel and Demi bonding over baby Freya, Demi’s half sister. It was good to see Demi beginning to gain more trust in her family again.  It seemed that Cal and his half-brother were also making progress towards a better relationship. Cal and Demi’s relationship became stronger too over the course of the novel though not without some misunderstandings on both sides! The story is told from the most part by Demi but there are also a few chapters from Cal’s point of view giving the reader a better insight into his thoughts and feelings. I have to admit that telling the story in the present tense didn’t quite work for me in this novel. I can’t quite put my finger on why but it didn’t feel quite right somehow. Having said that though, as I hope you can tell from my review, I still thoroughly enjoyed the story.

The book isn’t just a romance novel though as it touches on topical issues such as the ongoing war in Syria and how people who are out there either working or volunteering are affected by what they have witnessed and experienced. The difficult situation for families in refugee camps being separated and trying to find relatives and a place of safety is also featured.

Confetti at The Cornish Cafe is a really enjoyable, romantic read with a perfect feel good ending. I’m sure I read somewhere that the Cornish Cafe series is supposed to be a trilogy but I’m hoping there might be another book as I’d love to know what happens next for Demi and Cal and Kilhallon.

Thanks to the publishers for sending me a copy of the book. Confetti at the Cornish Cafe is published today by Maze as an e-book and you can order a copy online here

From the back of the book

Cal and Demi are preparing to launch their beloved Kilhallon Resort as a wedding venue. Cakes are baking, Cornish flowers are blooming, and fairy lights are twinkling. With the cliff-top setting and coastal views, it’s the perfect place for a magical marriage ceremony.

But their first clients are no ordinary couple. The bride and groom are internationally famous actors Lily Craig and Ben Trevone. Kilhallon is about to host a celebrity wedding.

With the pressure on, Demi and Cal are doing all they can to keep their guests happy and avoid any wedding disasters. But is the unpredictable weather the only thing standing in the way of the Big Day?

As secrets surface and truths are told, can Demi and Cal ensure that Kilhallon’s first wedding is a success? One thing’s for sure, this will be a Cornish celebration to remember . . .

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    1. As far as I am aware, it’s only available commercially as an ebook just now though a paperback may follow. I was sent an advance reader copy for review.


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