Tapestry by Elle Turner #review @ElleTWriter #20BooksOfSummer

Tapestry by [Turner,Elle]

The second of my #20BooksOfSummer is a lovely collection of short stories from Elle Turner. And can we just take a minute to admire that beautiful cover? Inside are 12 short stories exploring women in various different kinds of relationships and situations. The stories are all very well written with characters who feel very authentic both in their emotions and they way they deal with the situations they find themselves in.

I liked that a character from one story might appear in another story, sometimes in a most unexpected way and perhaps at a very different point in their lives. In this way, the stories became loosely woven together, just like the tapestry of the title. Each story while self-contained and complete left me wanting to know a little more about the characters. I feel that some are worthy of a novel of their own.

One story I particularly enjoyed was Again about Freya who was separated from her husband then meets much younger Aidan. They just seem to click and are obviously meant to be. Then something happens which threatens their happiness again – how will it all work out?

I Hope You Get Your Rabbit was a poignant story which left me with a lump in my throat. I did wonder whether one of the characters re-appeared in Meeting Eric but I think the author has left the reader to make their own decisions in this, as in many of the stories.

If I had to choose though, I would say my favourites were the linked stories of Lost and The Beginning. I really would like to read more about the characters of Gerry and Chrissie and find out what happened in the years between the stories.

This collection of stories, mostly about love in one form or another, sometimes with a dark edge, is perfect for when you don’t have much time to read. You can easily read one over a coffee break but actually I think you’ll find yourself enjoying them so much that you may want to read the whole collection at once. I hope to read a full-length novel from this author at some point as she has a knack for creating believable situations and characters I cared about.

Tapestry was published as an e-book in October 2015 and is currently available for only 99p. You can order a copy here: Tapestry You can find out more about the author at her website Elle Turner Writer

From the back of the book

In hope, in pain,
we lose, we gain,
but always and forever
the human heart braves life
in light and in shade

A collection of twelve short stories exploring the complexities of life and love.

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