Final Round Up @edbookfest

Over the last few days at the Edinburgh book festival I attended events with  Lin Anderson, Antti Tuomainen, Doug Johnstone, and Daniel Gray. As always it was really interesting to hear about where the inspiration and ideas for their characters and story lines came from. It is amazing to hear about how the smallest event can spark off an idea in an author’s mind. Both Lin Anderson and Antti Tuomainen spoke about the ‘black humour’ in their novels and that was certainly clear in their readings. 

I was particularly interested to hear Doug Johnstone talking about his time as writer in residence at a Funeral Directors. It certainly sounded like he had a lot of very unusual experiences there but he says it’s unlikely he would use them in any future books. Talking of future books, I’m very keen to read his novel due out next year called Fault Line. It is set in a slightly different version of Scotland where a fault line has opened up and earthquakes are a common occurrence.

Could there be a better place to celebrate the love of books and to hear Daniel Gray talk about his book Scribbles in the Margins which celebrates the delights of reading than the Edinburgh book festival? I have been reading this book over the past few days and you will have my review very soon but it is fair to say it certainly is a delight to read!

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the events I went to at the book festival as well as meeting up with some bloggers, some authors and publishers. My thanks to the press team at Edinburgh Book Festival for allowing me to attend so many wonderful events.

2 thoughts on “Final Round Up @edbookfest

    1. I really did Linda and really that was just a taste of the hundreds of events. I’m so lucky to be able to easily get to the Festival – even if the traffic is a nightmare at this time of year!

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