Punch event with Barbara Henderson @scattyscribbler @cranachan books


I was at the Edinburgh Princes Street branch of Waterstones on Saturday for an event about Punch, the latest children’s novel by Barbara Henderson. It’s a really exciting story about a boy on the run with a travelling show in Victorian Scotland. (You can read my review here). It was a packed house on Saturday as Barbara Henderson entertained the crowd with readings and puppetry for the best part of an hour. I took my seven year old nieces and they loved it! They enjoyed getting to be puppeteers and holding the cloth in the makeshift Punch and Judy stall. They also enjoyed getting to scream loudly as they pretended to be a frightened puppet! There was a lovely atmosphere in the shop as members of the public were still browsing when the event was on. I have to say that a slightly worried hush fell when Barbara yelled “Fire! Fire!” during a particularly dramatic part of her reading! The signing queue afterwards looked particularly healthy so lots of people are going to enjoy reading about Phinn’s adventures as he travels around Scotland with travelling folk, an escaped convict and a dancing bear!

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