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A Little Christmas Faith (Choc Lit) by [Freeman, Kathryn]

*Review copy via Netgalley

A Little Christmas Faith by Kathryn Freeman is another lovely Christmas read to make you feel all warm inside.  Faith has always dreamed of running her own hotel but opening it just before Christmas wasn’t quite what she had planned! She absolutely loves Christmas though and has gone all out to make the hotel as festive as possible. Her parents are coming to stay and her first paying guest has checked in. Adam is tall and very handsome and Faith is immediately attracted to him. Adam however, hates Christmas with a passion to match Faith’s love of Christmas. The book follows Faith and Adam, as well as her sulky niece Chloe, during the days leading up to Christmas.

I’ve never really fancied going away for Christmas, though New Year appeals, but after reading this book I could be tempted. Only if I could go to Faith’s lovely hotel and get snowed in though. From worrying about having next to no guests over Christmas, the hotel fills up with a variety of guests due to some unexpectedly heavy snowfall. Living by the sea, we hardly ever get much snow so I always love the idea of being out in the country somewhere with the snow blanketing the ground and preferably with a roaring fire and a whisky to hand. Kathryn Freeman described the scene so well that I could easily picture Faith’s cosy hotel in its picturesque surroundings, with all the Christmas lights twinkling away. She created such a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

And talking of warm, the relationship between Faith and Adam certainly saw sparks of attraction flying between them. I could completely see why Faith was drawn to Adam – and him to her – but with neither of them really in a place to start a relationship, it was hard to see how this could progress much beyond a friendship. I had to laugh at poor Adam, someone who hated Christmas, finding himself completely caught up in it albeit rather unwillingly. “How ironic that he’d come here to escape Christmas, and ended up dressed as sodding Father Christmas, surrounded by fairy lights, bells and a herd of flashing reindeer.”  Along with Faith, I was very curious to know exactly why Adam hated Christmas so much and my heart went out to him as his story began to be revealed.

At the time of writing A Little Christmas Faith is only 99p for Kindle and that is quite a bargain for such an enjoyable read. It’s perfect to curl up with on a chilly winter’s day and dream of snow, romance and handsome heroes! A wonderful Christmas read to warm your heart this festive season.

My thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to review this book for the blogtour. A Little Christmas Faith is published as an ebook by ChocLit UK and you can order your copy by clicking here.

From the back of the book

Faith Watkins loves Christmas, which is why she’s thrilled that her new hotel in the Lake District will be open in time for the festive season. And Faith has gone all out; huge Christmas tree, fairy lights, an entire family of decorative reindeer. Now all she needs are the guests … 

But what she didn’t bank on was her first paying customer being someone like Adam Hunter. Rugged, powerfully built and with a deep sadness in his eyes, Adam is a man that Faith is immediately drawn to – but unfortunately he also has an intense hatred of all things Christmassy.

As the countdown to the big day begins, Faith can’t seem to keep away from her mysterious guest, but still finds herself with more questions than answers: just what happened to Adam Hunter? And why does he hate Christmas?



About the author


I was born in Wallingford but have spent most of my life living in a village outside Windsor. A former pharmacist, I’m now a medical writer who also loves to write romance. Some days a racing heart is a medical condition, others it’s the reaction to a hunky hero… 

I’ve two teenage boys and a husband who asks every Valentine’s Day whether he has to bother buying a card again this year (yes, he does) so the romance in my life is all in my head. Then again, my husband’s unstinting support of my career change goes to prove that love isn’t always about hearts and flowers – and heroes can come in many disguises.

Social Media Links –

Website:  http://kathrynfreeman.co.uk

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kathrynfreeman

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KathrynFreeman1

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  1. The final day of my tour – and what a review to end it on. Thank you so very much for taking part Joanne, and for your lovely words. I hope you get your snow, whisky and roaring fire 🙂

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