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Ladies' Day by [Barton, Sarah]

I’m joined by Sarah Barton today, author of Ladies’ Day, who is sharing a bit about the characters in the book and what’s next writing-wise for herself.

Who are your main characters? 

There are four main protagonists – Amanda, Hayley, Marianne and Jane.

Tell us a bit about them

Amanda: In my line of work I deal with domestic violence. The desperate situation that victims experience and the courage they show to try to escape inspired me to write her character.

Hayley: I have myself experienced problems conceiving a child and understand the emotional trauma that infertility causes. Often this is hidden away and that is what inspired me to create Hayley.

Marianne: There have been times and no doubt there will be more, when I have over spent on credit or store cards. Splashing out on luxuries – it is easy to see how debts creep up without realising how dangerous the situation can become.

Jane: Her lifeline is her bond with her parents. Despite the weakness of her infatuation, she seeks and finds the strength she needs from her mother and father. I too have been fortunate enough to have parents who love unconditionally.

The Creation of your Characters – do they have similarities with someone ‘real’?

Each character was created taking mannerisms and foibles from those around me.

I suppose there is a part of me in each character.

Amanda – There is always a running dialogue going on inside my head whether that be with myself or an imaginary person.

Hayley – As I mentioned before, I understand how motherhood can become an obsession, taking over everything in your life.

Marianne – Like her, I love nice things and sometimes I really have to rein myself in!

Jane – Love and respect your parents. If you have parents like hers or mine – cherish them every single day.


What do you (dis)like about your characters?


Likes: Even in her dire situation she reaches out to help others.

Dislikes: This is not a dislike, more an observation that domestic abuse victims are made to feel worthless – that is part and parcel of the abuse.


Likes: She is kind and thoughtful.

Dislikes: This is not a criticism but she does allow her desire for a child to dominate every part of her life. She is blinded by obsession.


Likes: She has an inner strength that she eventually taps into.

Dislikes: She cannot see how damaging her relationship is. Love disguises how she is being toyed with.

Would you and (one of your) characters be friends ‘in real life’?

I would be proud to be friends with each and every one of the ladies.

What’s next?

My next project is ‘The Unravelling of Margot Pike ‘.  The story centres on a single, twenty-six-year old woman who creates a make – believe world in order to compete with her sister’s exotic life in New Zealand – as well as to escape her own mundane existence. Her lies become more and more outrageous and the unravelling begins.

My thanks to Caroline Vincent for inviting me to be part of the tour and to Sarah Barton for sharing more about her characters. Ladies Day is available now. You can order your copy here: Ladies Day

From the back of the book

Working in a fading Manchester department store, four women hide their dark secrets: abuse, an illicit affair, huge debts and an overwhelming desire to have a child at any cost. Will their secrets destroy their lives?

An unlikely bond is formed but will it suffice to solve their disparate problems?

Sarah Barton Author Image

Sarah Barton is a contemporary fiction writer who lives in South Manchester. While she spends her days running a property management company her nights are spent with her family and her literary work. Sarah is happiest with a G + T in one hand and a pen in the other..

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