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Three Things I’d Tell My Younger Self (E-Story) by [Cannon, Joanna]

I’ve got a quick review of a free e-book released yesterday, full of inspiring words which may encourage those who received their exam results in Scotland last week and those getting A-Level results today, particularly if things haven’t gone as well as hoped. Although, as we know, what teen ever listens to well-intentioned advice! As I was going to see Joanna Cannon at the Edinburgh Book Festival yesterday, I downloaded it and read it on the bus on the way there.

The book has diverse pieces of advice of varying lengths from, among others, authors, publishers, journalists, medical staff – oh and Joanna Cannon’s mum! Some will make you laugh, some will move you and I expect many will have you nodding in recognition.

Just to highlight a few: I was quite surprised to read Hannah Beckerman’s piece to her younger self who had been rather unsure and depressed. One of her pieces of advice was that comparing yourself to other people will never make you happy. Just the day before I’d watched her calmly interview a successful author (Louis de Bernieres) in front of a huge crowd at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It was good to see that the insecure young Hannah had turned into someone with this kind of confidence.

The very first piece is by consultant psychiatrist Ignasi Agell and his final piece of advice is so simple yet can make such a difference in the world – “just be kind”.

Fern Britton’s final piece of advice really spoke to me and summed up what I think many of the contributors were saying:

Count your blessings. There will always be people better off or worse off than you. Recognise all the goodness in your life. These things are health, love and life.

Almost everyone says to try to be more confident, something which is so hard in your younger years, and to try not to compare yourself with others. These are lessons which often only come with hindsight. Interestingly almost nobody says ‘don’t do this particular thing’ to their younger self. I think this recognises that all our experiences, good or bad, make us the person we are.

At the end, you will find the opening chapter of the wonderful Three Things About Elsie to give you a flavour of the book if you haven’t already read it.

This is a lovely quick read which is entertaining, enjoyable and inspiring. You can get your free copy (UK only) of Three Things I’d Tell My Younger Self for Kindle from Amazon: by clicking this link:#ThreeThings

What are my three things?

1 – Not getting the grades you wanted at Highers was a good thing really. You wouldn’t have coped with or enjoyed the Uni course you originally wanted as much as the one you did.

2 – Have no regrets, all experiences good or bad will make you who you are. All the things you wish you might have done differently will make you the person you will become so do what seems right at the time

3 – Wear what you like, don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing. Have your own style and forget about the size on clothes. Wear what makes you feel good. Oh and as Janet Ellis says – don’t buy shoes that don’t fit!

You can get your free copy of Three Things I’d Tell My Younger Self for Kindle from Amazon: #ThreeThings

From the back of the book

A very special FREE collection of advice for our younger selves, compiled by Joanna Cannon – the author of THREE THINGS ABOUT ELSIE and THE TROUBLE WITH GOATS AND SHEEP

If you could send a message to your younger self, what three things would you want to tell them? This inspiring, moving and frequently hilarious collection includes advice from – among others – authors, journalists, clergy, nurses and doctors; and their words will offer both solace and entertainment to readers at any milestone in life, from exam results and educational choices to love, health, friendship and careers. Here you will find the wise words of:

Ignasi Agell
Sue Armstrong
Hannah Beckerman
Ann Bissell
Dr Sue Black
Fern Britton
Wendy Burn
Joanna Cannon
Tracy Chevalier
Julie Cohen
Charlotte Cray
Dr John Crichton
Miranda Dickinson
Suzie Dooré
Janet Ellis
Nathan Filer
Patrick Gale
Sam Guglani
Dr Helen-Ann Hartley
Kerry Hudson
Mandy Huxley
Reverend Andrea Jones
Adam Kay
Erin Kelly
Mr Kipling
Dr Kate Lovett
Katy Mahood
Anna Mazzola
Lydia Elise Millen
Dame Helena Morrissey
Hannah O’Brien
Femi Oyebode
Lev Parikian
Nina Pottell
Jonathan and Angela Scott
Anita Sethi
Lionel Shriver
Graeme Simsion
Dr Laura Varnam
Kate Williams

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