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Barrington Stoke

I wanted to share a little today about a publisher with a very special mission. Barrington Stoke specialises in publishing books which are accessible to children with dyslexia or other visual problems. Their books use a specially developed dyslexia-friendly typeface and are printed on slightly tinted paper. They have specially commissioned shorter, but nonetheless exciting stories, to enable children who may have difficulty with the stamina to read longer books to be able to have a sense of achievement when they read one. They publish books for all ages from under fives to teens and have special packs available for schools Here’s a little about just three of them.


For age 5-8

A king hides a terrible secret under his crown …A marvellous dream inspires an epic journey …A clever girl outwits the king. Told in hyper-readable language and with full-colour illustrations, these stories are an ideal first step for children embarking on a lifelong journey through the wonders of books and stories.

For age 8-12

Izzy and Asha need a space to call their own, away from difficult families, the Skull brothers and the trouble they bring. But the derelict building site where they stake their claim already belongs to something else, a wilderness they never expected and an injured wolf that desperately needs their help. Can they reconnect to the wild and save the wolf? Or is their pack too weak to fight much stronger powers? A stunning tale of our lost connection to nature and the wild that hides in us all, from renowned storyteller Gill Lewis. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+.

For teens

Nastia is no traitor. She is a daring pilot, the daughter of revolutionaries, and now, as the Second World War descends on Russia, she must fight to save the glorious Motherland. But all is not as it seems, and when the battles begin, secrets are revealed and everything that she once knew is challenged… A thrilling adventure brimming with historical detail and powerful female characters. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 13+.

As you can see, these books look visually appealing and the stories sound really exciting. I think it is brilliant that Barrington Stoke are making books more accessible. I am fortunate that I didn’t have problems learning to read, nor did my own children, but I know others who do and really struggle to read, sometimes being put off reading for life. So it’s great that there are now books made specifically to make reading easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks to Kelly at LoveBooksGroup for telling me about Barrington Stoke and passing on a couple of the books for me to have a look at. You can find out more about Barrington Stoke and order books directly from their website:

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