#TopReads2018 Let Me Lie By @ClareMackint0sh & Nineteen Letters by Jodi Perry @JLPerryAuthor @LittleBrownUK

Top Reads 2017


Let Me Lie: The Number One Sunday Times Bestseller by [Mackintosh, Clare]

Continuing my list of top reads and recommendations from 2018, both today’s selections are published by Little Brown. First of all, I have chosen Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh. As with her previous novels, this was a real page-turner with a clever twist that took me completely by surprise. Anna has lost both her parents to suicide within months of each other. At least, the police say it was suicide but Anna thinks it was murder. This is a real page-turner that will keep you guessing right up to the end. Read my review here: Let Me Lie


Nineteen Letters: A beautiful love story that will take your breath away by [Perry, Jodi]

Next is one of the most romantic books I read this year, Nineteen Letters by Jodi Perry. This book won Romantic Book of the Year at the Romantic Writers of Australia awards this year and I’m not surprised. It’s the story of Braxton and Jemma who met as school children and married nineteen years later. Nineteen days after they marry, Jemma is in a serious accident and loses her memory, no longer recognising Braxton. Nineteen has always been a significant number for them and he writes nineteen letters to try to remind her of their life together through the years. It was heartbreaking at times but also beautifully heartwarming. You can read my review here: Nineteen Letters


Two very different books – have you read either of them? What’s the most romantic book you have read this year?

One thought on “#TopReads2018 Let Me Lie By @ClareMackint0sh & Nineteen Letters by Jodi Perry @JLPerryAuthor @LittleBrownUK

  1. I read Nineteen Letters but it was early in the year I think. I remember it was good, and yes probably the most romantic book of the year. Cannot for the life of me remember the ending.

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