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Top Reads 2017

Both of today’s choices have fairly long titles. So long in fact, that I haven’t included them in the blogpost title as I think they’ll be too long for sharing to Twitter!


The Bookshop of New Beginnings: Heart-warming, uplifting – a perfect feel good read! by [Mouat, Jen]

Now I just can’t resist a story set in a bookshop so this was always going to be a winner. Emily Cotton lives in Wigtown, a place renowned for its bookshops, and to fulfill a dream she opens up her own secondhand bookshop. It’s not as simple as she thinks though and she soon calls on old friend Kate to come to help her. But there are past secrets between the pair that look like being revealed and threatening their friendship. I found this a book which had me going through all the same emotions as the characters. It was a pleasure to chair an event with the author Jen Mouat at Portobello Book Festival earlier this year and hear how writing this book was fulfilling one of her own dreams. Read my review of the book here: The Bookshop of New Beginnings


Somewhere Beyond the Sea by [Dickinson, Miranda]

Somewhere Beyond the Sea is another book which moved me. When I look back at my review, I see I said it was a book which captured my heart. It is the story of Jack and Seren who are on opposing sides of the divide when it comes to redeveloping a local historical site. However, they also have a connection they don’t know about through seaglass stars created on the beach.  It was a truly magical story, with lots of poignant moments and was a really uplifting read. #TeamSparkly You can read my review here: Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Have you read either of my choices today? What books have touched you emotionally this year?

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