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Top Reads 2017

I have already revealed 10 of the 20 books on my Top Reads list for 2018 and coincidentally, when I looked at my first choice for today, I found I reviewed it on the 1st July so just into the second half of the year.


What Kitty Did Next by [Kablean, Carrie]

What Kitty Did Next is an imagined sequel to Pride & Prejudice and follows Kitty Bennet in the months after three of her sisters got married within a short time. Finding home to be very quiet and dull, she is delighted to have the chance to travel to London with her sister Jane and her new husband Mr Bingley. Carrie Kablean really captured the feel of a Jane Austen novel through her use of language and descriptions of Georgian society. Highly recommended for Austen fans. Read my review here: What Kitty Did Next


Rachel Rhys makes it two years in a row on my Top Reads list with Fatal Inheritance. Eve Forrester jumps at the chance to visit the French Riviera following the rather surprising news that she has been left a bequest from someone she didn’t even know. What follows is a story in the style of a Golden Age mystery, full of atmosphere and elegantly stylish. Read my review here: Fatal Inheritance


While not a classic novel, What Kitty Did Next reads very much like one while Fatal Inheritance has the flavour of a classic crime novel. Did you read any classic novels this year? Do you have a favourite classic novel?

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