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Top Reads 2017

Choices 13 and 14 in my Top Reads list for 2018 see me choosing a book set very close to home, right down to the main character using my local Chinese takeaway, and one set very far away.

All The Hidden Truths was a gripping book set in the aftermath of a fatal college shooting in Edinburgh. It was told through the eyes of three of the people involved: DCI Helen Birch, who is the police officer in charge of the investigation, the mother of the first victim and the mother of the gunman. It gave a fascinating insight into how all these people were affected as the investigation focused on why the attack happened and if any warning signs were missed. Read my full review here: All The Hidden Truths

One Thousand Stars and You by [Broom, Isabelle]

My next choice is One Thousand Stars and You which is a gorgeous romantic story from Isabelle Broom. It is set in Sri Lanka where Alice and Max meet on a touring holiday. Sri Lanka is vibrantly described by the author and comes to life on the page. Alice and Max have both been affected by accidents in their past which have influenced the way they choose to live their lives. Although neither were looking for relationships, it is nonetheless an enchanting and beautifully written story which I adored. You can read my full review here: One Thousand Stars and You

Have you read either of these books? Did you have a favourite book set in your hometown this year or one set in some faraway place?

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