#TopReads2018 Louise Beech @LouiseWriter @OrendaBooks and @ShariLow @aria_fiction

Getting close to the end of my round-up of my twenty favourite books of the year. Today I have two books which were very emotional to read.

The Lion Tamer Who Lost by [Beech, Louise]

This is not the first time that Louise Beech has appeared on my Top Reads recommendations and this book I think is her best yet. So far anyway, as I am hearing very good things about her forthcoming book Call Me Star Girl. The Lion Tamer Who Lost is the story of Andrew and Ben and what happens when they meet. Secrets from the past threaten happiness in the present. I really don’t want to say too much about the plot as it’s one you should read for yourself. With a packet of tissues to hand! You can read my review here: The Lion Tamer Who Lost

Another Day in Winter: Celebrate Christmas with the most emotional, heat-warming read of 2018! (A Winter Day Book Book 2) by [Low, Shari]

Another Day in Winter is another book which should come with a mascara warning! It features several characters and is told over the course of 24 hours just before Christmas. I was completely caught up in the lives of all the characters as the seemingly separate story lines inevitably were drawn together over the day. Shari Low is brilliant at writing about her characters’ thoughts and emotions. I read this at an emotional time for my family and one storyline in particular really resonated with me and was of great comfort. You can read my review here: Another Day in Winter

Have you read either of these books? Did they make you emotional too? Don’t forget to come back tomorrow when I will reveal my favourite two reads of the year.

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