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Kicking off my #TenThings feature for this year is author Deborah Stone. Deborah is the author of What’s Left Unsaid – more about that below – and her #TenThings focuses very much on her writing.

I’ve always wanted to write a book, but work – I am a strategic marketing consultant and elder care expert – and raising two children  took priority for many years. However, once both the boys were at university, I decided it was now or never and so I started to write seriously. What’s Left Unsaid took me about two years to complete.

What's Left Unsaid by [Stone, Deborah]

I have just started to write my second novel, but it is fairly embryonic at this stage and so I cannot provide any specific details at the moment.

I work at the desk in my office, usually with my golden retriever, George, lying on my feet. Some days, I write for several hours and other days are less productive, depending on what other work I have going on and what other distractions the day brings.

I walk with George every day. We go out whatever the weather and I love this time outdoors with him. I also enjoy exercise and running, which I find very helpful when trying to sort out problems or think of new ideas. Quite often, I find solutions while I’m running.

I’m an avid reader and always have been. I read English Literature at Durham University and my preferred genre is fiction. I have just read the Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker, which I thought was extraordinary and another current favourite of mine is the Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon. I love Kate Atkinson, Maggie O’Farrell and Anne Tyler and read everything they write.

The Silence of the Girls by [Barker, Pat]

I love going to the theatre. The best productions I saw in 2018 were The Lehman Trilogy at The National Theatre and Summer and Smoke at The Almeida. I also saw a fantastic production of Fiddler on the Roof at The Menier Chocolate Factory.

I have just written a non-fiction book, which is a guide for families caring for older relatives and offers helpful information and advice for family carers. This is due to be published by Bloomsbury in January, 2020. I hope it will be a helpful resource.

My father died almost sixteen years ago, having suffered from dementia for many years. He had an enormous influence on my life and I miss him very much. My greatest regret is that he never saw my boys growing up. I dedicated What’s Left Unsaid to him.

I am delighted with the response to What’s Left Unsaid so far. I have had many very favourable reviews and the novel was awarded runner up book of the year 2018 in the Chill Awards, which was very exciting.

I love writing and hope that I will continue to write novels for some time to come.

What’s Left Unsaid is published by Matador and available now as an ebook or paperback. You can order a Kindle copy here: What’s Left Unsaid

From the back of the book

Sasha is just about managing to hold her life together. She is raising her teenage son Zac, coping with an absent husband and caring for her ageing, temperamental and alcoholic mother, as well as holding down her own job. But when Zac begins to suspect that he has a secret sibling, Sasha realises that she must relive the events of a devastating night which she has done her best to forget for the past nineteen years.

Sasha’s mother, Annie, is old and finds it difficult to distinguish between past and present and between truth and lies. As Annie sinks deeper back into her past, she revisits the key events in her life which have shaped her emotionally. Through it all, she remains convinced that her dead husband Joe is watching and waiting for her. But there’s one thing she never told him, and as painful as it is for her to admit the truth, Annie is determined to go to Joe with a guilt-free conscience.

As the plot unfurls, traumas are revealed and lies uncovered, revealing long-buried secrets which are at the root of Annie and Sasha’s fractious relationship.

Social Media Links

Deborah Stone’s website is www.whatsleftunsaid.co.uk

Twitter @DeborahStone_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deborah.stone.758399

Instagram: deborahstone123

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