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Five Go Parenting (Enid Blyton for Grown Ups) by [Vincent, Bruno]

I’ve read quite a few of these Famous Five for Grown-Ups books and this is my favourite of those I’ve read so far. It is so funny to read about the five with no clue what to do for once! “We’ve never failed on an adventure before. There will be a way through this and we’ll find it.” says Anne optimistically!

The adventure is looking after baby Lily after they helped to have her parents put away in prison. Faced with instant parenthood and with no experience of children before, they turn to the experts to find out how to do simple things like feed and change the baby.  Exhausted from lack of sleep, they can’t decide what advice to follow:  “They rapidly learnt that all parenting literature fell strictly into one of two opposing camps. Both sounded absolutely convincing.” 

All parents will recognise the experiences the Five go through and will be smiling knowingly as they navigate the perils of trying to fit in with the established groups of parents at swimming lessons or exercise classes. And then there is the pressure of moving into the right catchment area to get young Lily into the right school – even if she is only a few months old!

The Famous Five for Grown-ups series is great fun to read and a must for any grown-up Enid Blyton fan. Parents in particular will enjoy reading about the ineptitude of the Five as they struggle with parenthood. Bruno Vincent really captures the feel of the original books, and the personalities of the Five while poking gentle fun at modern life.

Five Go Parenting is published by Quercus as an ebook and in hardback. It should be available to buy or order from your usual book retailer or you can order a copy online here: Five Go Parenting

From the back of the book

Enid Blyton’s books are beloved the world over and The Famous Five have been the perennial favourite of her fans. Now, in this new series of Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups, George, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy confront possibly their toughest challenge yet: parenthood

Bringing up a baby would surely be kid’s play for The Five. How hard could it possibly be?! When the doorbell rings one Saturday afternoon, the last thing the Five were expecting to find on their doorstep was a baby… But the Five are next of kin to Cousin Rupert and his wife, so when they find themselves in a spot of bother and are destined for a short spell behind bars, Anne, Dick, George and Anne are the first port of call. First, it’s the fear and the tiredness that kicks in. They are terrified at being responsible for this new life and have no idea they’re doing it right. Why is it crying? They use Dr Google constantly, who whatever the situation offers the same range of advice from ‘don’t worry about it’ to ‘rush her to the A&E’. ‘Why is she crying?’ they constantly ask. ‘Why?’ It keeps them up all night every night, until they are reduced to walking ghosts, haunted by a numb and impotent fury. Is this an adventure too far for our Five?

About the author

Bruno Vincent is the author of several humour titles including (with Jon Butler) the bestselling Do Ants Have Arseholes?, a Christmas No.1 back in the more innocent days of Myspace and News of the World. He has also written two volumes of gothic horror stories for children which were adapted for the stage.

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