Tuesday 11th December

I have been following this lovely blog and would love for more people to know about it too. Real love letters from a woman writing to her husband who is working overseas in the 1950s. Transcribed by their grand-daughter, the letters give such a fantastic picture into life in 1950s Britain and they are just so full of love.

Dear Bill

My dearest beloved husband,

Here I am as promised, my darling I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the money you sent me, I’m going to spend it on bits for Xmas, what need to be paid with cash, but I’m afraid and I hope you don’t mind, but I shall have to take a £10 out for the bulk of the boys Santa, that will give them 50/- each, other people will have to do without presents this year unless it is hankies, I am going to get down to talking of love when the boys have gone to bed, when it is nice and quiet, when I can convey my thoughts to you, Pauline was thrilled with her letter, and so was Freda, Mum sad when Laurence got his, he dashed right up to the post office to send you a greetings telegram, so if you…

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