Literary Tube Map of London @inthebookwith

When I was contacted about the Literary Tube Map which In The Book With has created, I was only too happy to share it with you. Now I know the map above is a little small for you to see properly but there is a link below where you can see all the details of the featured books more clearly. I have had great fun looking through the various tube stations to find out what books are associated with the nearby areas and seeing how many I have read. Many titles I was familiar with, even if I hadn’t read them, but there were a lot which were completely new to me. The map is a great way to explore London’s many literary associations and perhaps add a few titles to your to-be-read list. Below is a guest post from In The Book explaining a bit more about the map and about the company itself.

We love how literature has the unique ability to paint places like nothing else can. Dickens’ London dominates the Central Line, while Victorian classics such Dracula, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and The Picture of Dorian Gray can be found haunting the Piccadilly Line.

There are also novels as stations by modern London staples such as Zadie Smith and Martin Amis, though some of the lesser known works are what we really loved: Hangover Square, Tunnel Vision and The Wimbledon Poisoner really add their own colour to the city on this star-studded map.

This map shows you where your favourite characters made a name for themselves. From the legendary Harry Potter boarding his train to Hogwarts at Kings Cross, to Mary Poppins flying into the Banks’ family home just off the Central Line.

You can vividly picture Ebenezer Scrooge skulking home after work through the streets near Monument station, and Sherlock storming out of his address at Baker Street to solve another case – closely followed by faithful Watson.

In The Book are a publisher of personalised children’s books, established in Hertfordshire in 2017. We are deeply passionate about getting kids to read and educating our audience on the benefits of doing so. We recognise books as not only worlds where one can lose themselves but as a means to develop cultural understandings, social skills and help us affect positive changes in the world around us.

You can have a closer look at the Literary Tube map and explore it in more detail on In The Book‘s website. Just click on the link below.

Literary Tube Map

You can find out more about the various books available from In The Book including their brilliant range of personalised children’s book and some great personalised gift ideas for adults too on their website: In The Book

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