Flesh and Blood by Emma Salisbury #DSCoupland #review @EmmaSAuthor

Flesh and Blood is the fifth in Emma Salisbury’s DS Coupland series and one I’ve been waiting for eagerly. I am a big fan of the Salford detective (and of course of Emma Salisbury’s writing) and was not disappointed by this latest instalment. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the others in the series as there is enough back story included for it all to make sense and of course, the crime investigation is a self-contained plotline. Be warned though that once you have read this, you may well want to read the previous books in the series and I highly recommend that you do.

There is a lot going on in Flesh and Blood. Coupland is awaiting a disciplinary hearing regarding an assault he was involved in. It’s fair to say he is more than a little exasperated by this. There is a hit-and-run incident being investigated and a fatal fire at a residential home for vulnerable people which Coupland suspects to be arson. When it’s discovered that one of the victims is the sister of one of the local crimelords, it’s a race against time to see which side of the law will solve the crime first – and exactly how justice will be meted out. Coupland uncovers a personal connection to the case which gives him more than a few ethical dilemmas to wrestle with. And his homelife is far from quiet either with a new grandson to contend with.

Phew – well as you can see, there’s a lot packed into this book and with all the action taking place over a few days, it’s a fast paced read. It’s just the kind of crime book I enjoy – a solid police procedural. I enjoy books which focus on those solving the case and getting an insight into the way investigations are carried out. There was the added interest this time of Coupland having to deal with local gangs and how that affected the nature of the investigation. Coupland and his colleagues are the kind of detectives I hope really are out there in the real world – dedicated and principled.

Coupland is one of my favourite fictional detectives and with this book ending on a bit of a cliffhanger for him personally, although the crimes were solved very credibly, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. Emma Salisbury writes gripping stories with plenty surprises to keep her readers turning those pages and eager to find out just how the cases will resolve.

My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of her book. Flesh and Blood is available now in ebook format with a paperback to follow soon. You can order a Kindle copy online here: Flesh and Blood

From the back of the book

An accusation of police brutality

An unsolved hit and run

A social media minefield

The murder squad’s resources at Salford Precinct Station are stretched to the limit. DS Kevin Coupland is called out to a fatal fire at a local residential home for vulnerable people, and immediately suspects arson. One of the victims is the sister of local gangster Kieran Tunney, sparking revenge attacks which threaten to bring the city to a standstill.

For Coupland the clock is ticking. With a Professional Standards hearing to prepare for and an avenging gangster to contend with he makes a shocking discovery which has devastating repercussions – for the community, for the crime boss, and for Coupland himself.

About the Author

I write gritty, crime fiction that focuses on the ‘why’ dunnit as well as the ‘who’. I worked for a housing association supporting ex-offenders into work which provided me with a lot of inspiration. My novels have regularly been in the top ten Hardboiled chart and I am a recipient of the Amazon All-Star bonus for being one of their most read authors in the UK.

Fans of Mark Billingham and Angela Marsons should try my Manchester police procedural series. If you like hard-boiled crime writers Stuart MacBride, Denise Mina AND Ed James then my Scottish crime series is for you. Like living on the edge? Why not try both…

Most evenings I can be found walking the family dog on the beach near our home in East Lothian, Scotland. You can find out more on my website http://www.emmasalisbury.com and I can be found on twitter @emmasauthor and emmasauthor on Facebook.

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