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Izzy’s Christmas Star is a story which features a zumba instructor, a rock star and as, you can see from the front cover, a lot of Santas! Izzy is a student who leads some zumba classes to supplement her student loan. Seth is the lead singer of successful rock band Scarlet Gryphon. When the two meet, and Izzy has no clue who he is, they are attracted to each other and start dating. It’s not all straightforward though with two very different lifestyles and Seth’s needy ex all contriving to make the road to happy-ever-after rather bumpy!

I really liked Izzy. I’d have probably have been like her too and not recognised the famous singer! I liked her cautious attitude to getting to know Seth and finding out whether he was genuine or just after another conquest. Seth was a great character too and really made me think about some of the pressures of fame. It can’t be much fun to have a camera stuck in your face every time you pop out for a coffee or have the press speculating about your love life whenever you meet up with someone. For all that, Seth seemed a grounded person and I liked his concern for other people. Santa add just that hint of Christmas magic with the twinkle in his eye and his uncanny ability to seem to know what was going to happen before it actually did. He also had lots of wise advice to offer which really helped our couple.

Plenty snow adds to the magical Christmas atmosphere – how I would love a white Christmas like the one described. I was pleased to read in the author’s note at the end of the book that she hopes to revisit the characters as I’d love to know what happens next. December can be a hectic time but with this being a novella, if you fancy a bit of feel-good festive romance, this could be the perfect book to squeeze into your Christmas reading list.

My thanks to Liz at ChocLit for my review e-copy of the book. Izzy’s Christmas Star is available from today in ebook and audio formats. You will buy buying options for all ebook platforms on the ChocLit website here: Izzy’s Christmas Star

From the back of the book

You don’t only find stars on top of the Christmas tree …

Student and Zumba instructor Izzy Grant leads a pretty normal life, but in the run-up to Christmas an unusual encounter with a friendly Santa paves the way for the most wonderful and star-studded Christmas she’s ever experienced.

Because at almost exactly the same time, Izzy also meets Seth Roberts – as in the Seth Roberts, bona fide rock star and lead singer of Scarlet Gryphon. As their connection grows, Izzy’s Christmas countdown becomes a glittering whirlwind of after-show parties and classy restaurants – and does she have her mystery Santa to thank?

About the author

Berni Stevens

Berni Stevens lives in a 400-year-old cottage in Hertfordshire, with her husband, black cat, an ever-growing family of goldfish who think they’re piranha, and occasionally her son when he needs feeding up! She trained in graphic design, and has worked as a book cover designer for over twenty-five years.

Her love of paranormal fiction began at school when she first read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and she’s been a dedicated fan of the fanged ever since.
Berni is on the committee and book panel of The Dracula Society – a London-based literary society for fans of gothic literature, film and theatre. She also designs their quarterly newsletter.

Berni works both for publishers and many self-published authors. Any ‘spare’ time is taken up with jazz dance and Zumba (she’s a licensed Zumba instructor), going to as many rock concerts as she can, and hiking canyons every summer in the stunning Utah desert.

Dance Until Dawn, a paranormal romance, was Berni’s UK debut with award-winning publisher Choc Lit, and is available in paperback, eBook and audio. The sequel, Revenge is Sweet, is available in all digital formats. The third novel in the series is almost complete, featuring many of the same characters from the first two books, whilst concentrating on the trials and tribulations of a lovelorn werewolf.

Berni’s first RomCom, One Magical Christmas, is available in all digital formats and audio, and will restore your belief in magic – especially at the wonderful time of Christmas. Her second festive RomCom, Izzy’s Christmas Star, ia available in all digital formats and audio now. The story introduces a drop-dead-gorgeous rock star, a student and part-time Zumba Instructor – and a LOT of Santas.

Berni also has several short stories published in anthologies – romantic ones, Gothic ones and sometimes just pure fantasy!

2 thoughts on “Izzy’s Christmas Star by Berni Stevens #bookreview @ChocLitUK @Berni_Stevens1

  1. Enjoyed your review and looks to be a sweet read. Is it me, or do you find a preponderance of the name Seth for the protagonist’s main interest lately? This is probably the third book in a row I’ve seen today with that name.

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