Grown Ups by Marian Keyes #bookreview @MichaelJBooks

It is always such a treat when a new Marian Keyes book comes out and her latest absolutely did not disappoint!

Grown Ups follows the three bothers in the Casey family, Johnny, Ed and Liam, and their wives and various offspring. This family spends a lot of time together at birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and so on. On the face of it, they are one big happy family but there are unspoken tensions simmering away underneath. When one of the wives, Cara, gets concussed, she suddenly blurts out some secrets which not only shock everyone but reveal rather a lot of home truths and show the family to be not quite as perfect as it seemed…

Grown-Ups is Marian Keyes at her best with all that I love about her books. There’s a large cast of relatable characters, all part of the Casey family or connected with them. As always there is a lot in the book which will make you laugh at the madcap antics and straight talking of the characters, but there are also a lot more serious issues woven into the story such as eating disorders, addiction, grief and self-esteem. It may be a long book at over 600 pages but you won’t notice. The pages will fly by as you will be caught up in the lives of the family. When you have finished you may well feel like you are one of the family, you will know them so well. But will you feel like a grown-up? Well, do any of us ever really feel like a grown-up!

Grown Ups is first class Irish fiction and sure to delight Marian Keyes’ many fans. 

My thanks to the publishers Michael Joseph for my advance copy through Netgalley. Grown Ups is published today, Thursday 6th February, in hardback, ebook and audiobook formats. It should be available to buy or order from your usual book retailer or you will find various buying options on the publisher’s website here: Grown Ups

From the back of the book

They’re a glamorous family, the Caseys.

Johnny Casey, his two brothers Ed and Liam, their beautiful, talented wives and all their kids spend a lot of time together – birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, weekends away. And they’re a happy family. Johnny’s wife, Jessie – who has the most money – insists on it.

Under the surface, though, conditions are murkier. While some people clash, other people like each other far too much . . .

Everything stays under control until Ed’s wife Cara, gets concussion and can’t keep her thoughts to herself. One careless remark at Johnny’s birthday party, with the entire family present, starts Cara spilling out all their secrets.

In the subsequent unravelling, every one of the adults finds themselves wondering if it’s time – finally – to grow up?

About the author

Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes’ international bestselling novels include Rachel’s Holiday, Last Chance Saloon, Sushi for Beginners, Angels, The Other Side of the Story, Anybody Out There, This Charming Man and The Woman Who Stole My Life. Three collections of her journalism, Under the Duvet, Further Under the Duvet and Making It Up as I Go Along, are also available from Penguin. Marian lives in Dublin with her husband.

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