What’s on your TBR list?

Like many people, with all the scary events going on in the world, I’ve found it quite tricky to concentrate on reading recently. However, now that we’ve all been told to stay inside as much as we can, my mind seems to have settled a little and I am ready to get stuck into my reading pile again. Books are always a good way to escape from the real world and live vicariously, perhaps even visiting places we won’t be able to go to for a long time.

The books in my photo are the physical books I hope to get through over the next few weeks, many for blogtours. Although I’m not sure how much of an escape Lesley Kelly’s Murder at the Music Factory will be given that it’s set in a post-viral Edinburgh! Will cling to that ‘post-viral’ phrase and hope she’s working on writing a happy ending. 😊

It’s a difficult time for authors and publishers with many launch events having to be cancelled or postponed. Many local and independent bookshops are, for now, taking orders for delivery. If you are lucky enough to have a bookshop offering this service, please try to support them by ordering books from them. If not, consider using Hive, which also supports your local High Street.

Let me know what you are hoping to read over the next wee while. I hope you and all your family and friends stay safe. Remember to keep washing those hands and most importantly, stay inside!

10 thoughts on “What’s on your TBR list?

  1. I seem to be slowing down on my reading, not consciously avoiding it but equally not going out of my way to pick up a book during the day. I think I’m trying to keep physically busy to avoid the brain kicking in and ending up getting anxious about the crisis around us.

    I have a few ARCs to read having stupidly agreed to them without realising they are all due within a few days of each other. Just finished the first – Silent Treatment which I see you have.
    But right now I am inching my way forward with the new Hilary Mantel

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    1. You have my sympathies. It must be so hard juggling your time like that. I’m fortunate that I don’t work and my girls are at Uni. All I have to deal with is the mountains of dishes four of us at home all the time seem to manage to get through!


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