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Percolate is an inspiring little self-help book. It’s one that you could easily dip in and out of and that’s probably a good idea so you can take time to think about the theme of each chapter. I particularly liked that the author included stories from her own life. It felt like she was sharing her ideas and what she had learned from her experiences, rather than being preached at.

I especially liked the chapter called Joyology as it contained similar ideas to a conversation I’d had with a friend not long before. It is about trying to make the best of things, to see the positives, about the absolute necessity to have joy in our lives and to try spread happiness and love. I think trying to find the joy in small things is so essential now when we are all facing so many challenges and worries. I must admit though that I can’t imagine ever finding joy in washing dishes, though I do feel happier once they’re done and the kitchen is tidy. So I suppose, in its own way, washing the dishes does bring me some joy…

Another chapter which really resonated was the chapter on kindness which encourages us to, yes you’ve guessed it, be kind. And that’s as much about being kind to ourselves as to others. Learning to say no gracefully, as another chapter recommends, is often essential for our mental health and well-being and is a way of being kind to ourselves too.

This particular passage is one which I think sums up the message of the book rather well:

I hope… that you realise the importance of each small change you can make. Take one thing – a thought, an idea, a value or belief – and make that one thing a focus point…. It’s amazing how just one small change can have an everlasting ripple effect leading to bigger changes.

There is space in many of the chapters for the reader to consider their own thoughts and ideas. They are often very simple ideas like writing an A-Z of positive words to live by. I found Percolate to be a very encouraging book, with achievable goals showing that little changes all add up and percolate through your life. I liked the author’s style of writing, which was easy to read and made it feel like you could be sitting chatting with her over a cup of coffee.

Thanks to Kelly at Love Books Group for inviting me to take part in the tour and for providing a review copy of the book. Percolate is available now in paperback and ebook formats. You can order a copy here: Percolate

From the back of the book

Do you have a voice inside you saying that you want something different? Do you feel like you’re searching for something better, even if you don’t know exactly what it is? When you hear words like consciousness, purpose, light and awaken, do you wonder how they apply to your life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, have no fear – this book is here to help! It provides simple, clear and understandable thoughts for a growing consciousness, even in a time when people are questioning everything from guiding principles to social structures.

In our fast-paced world, Percolate stands as a metaphor for how to move forward with growing awareness:

To wake up to what is possible without losing sight of the simple and practical things that already exist

To let your heart and mind brew powerful ideas, and your spirit float to the top like foam

To live your best life and thrive

Most importantly, to never give up

Grab a cup of joe, put your feet up, allow the steam to rise, and let your heart’s desire surface. Ah, can you taste the magic as you bring the authentic best you to the world?

About the author

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is one of America’s foremost personal and corporate development consultants. She is the creator of The Best Ever You Network (or Best Ever You), a leading multimedia provider of lifestyle and self-help content. While participating in the Harvard Business School for Leadership program, Elizabeth serves as a Leadership Advisor for the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute.

In 2020 Elizabeth joined Sally Huss to create the best-selling children’s book A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies. Living with life-threatening food allergies for many years, Elizabeth added her personal experience and her expertise to the project. She also sits on several boards of organizations and foundations that bring awareness to this life-threatening condition.

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