Free short story – Lou Clark in Lockdown by Jojo Moyes #MeBeforeYou #LouInLockdown

If you are a fan of Jojo Moyes Me Before You trilogy – and I certainly am – you’ll be delighted to know that Lou Clark is making a reappearance in a short story.

I’ve had a read of it this morning and it’s just lovely. Lou has come home from New York to visit her parents and to buy new stock for her vintage clothes business when lockdown begins and she is stuck, thousands of miles away from her paramedic boyfriend Sam. You’ll recognise so much in the story from the weekly clap, to worrying over the slightest cough, joining in with Joe Wicks daily workout, being separated from loved ones and stressing about work. It is a warm and funny story, though not without its poignant moments.

You can read the story for yourself by visiting the Penguin UK site – link below. There is also an audio version of the story on the same page. Enjoy!

Lou Clark in Lockdown

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