Where’s Dom? by Izzy Missing #bookreview @welbeckpublish @ed_pr

I had to smile when this book came through the letterbox recently. I suppose we shouldn’t really make light of the current situation but I think we all need a bit of fun. Even the name of the author made me laugh!

Where’s Dom is in the tradition of Where’s Wally as we follow Dominic Cummings on his journeys round Britain and beyond, visiting among other places Barnard Castle (of course!), the Cheltenham Festival, Durdle Door and a VE Day Village Fete.

Your challenge is to find Dom in each picture as well as his political pals Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Matt Hancock. There are also plenty of other things for you to spot such as someone with their head in the sand, the Chancellor’s Red Box, a Churchill lookalike, Larry the Downing Street cat and someone in Where’s Wally fancy dress.

Myself and my family had a good time looking for all Dom and his pals. Anyone who has followed the news over the last few months will spot lots of little nods to many of the things which have been happening.

Where’s Dom will entertain you and take you away from the current crisis for a while with its witty sarcastic humour. We probably shouldn’t laugh but I think we all deserve a bit of light relief just now.

Thanks to ED Public relations for sending me a copy of this book for review. It is available now in hardback. If you order a copy from Hive, you will be supporting your local high street shops – Where’s Dom

From the back of the book

Can you find Dom and his friends as they travel around Britain on their lockdown adventures?

Dom Cummings has had a busy lockdown. From the Cheltenham Festival and his local VE Day street party, to the Downing Street Rose Garden via a cheeky Barnard Castle day trip, it’s been no rest for the wicked! See if you can track him down.

Plus, with guest appearances from his Westminster pals, and a ton of in-jokes and extra objects to spot, this is the perfect gift book to commemorate a truly wonderful 2020.

About the Author

Izzy Missing is a UK-based illustrator with a keen eye for detail – much like Dom Cummings’s 20/20 vision when it comes to spotting loopholes!

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