Best blog year celebration #giveaway! Win a copy of The Secret Life of Books by @ProfTomMole @EandTBooks

Well I think we can all agree that 2020 isn’t likely to be remembered for many positive reasons! But I did have a reason to be pleased last week when my blog celebrated its best year ever. How did I decide that? Well, by the number of times the various posts have been viewed by all you lovely people. My previous best year was 2017 when my posts were viewed 34572 times. On Tuesday last week, viewing figures surpassed that.

As a thank you and to show my appreciation to everyone who pops by to read my reviews or author features, I’ve decided to run a giveaway. It’s very easy to enter. Just comment either on the blog, on Twitter or on Facebook – whether you have read this post – and tell me what you are reading just now. I’ll allocate each comment a number then use a random number selector to pick a winner. Comment by midnight on Wednesday 11th November (UK time) and I’ll try to get the prize in the post by the end of the week.

The prize is a beautiful hardback copy of The Secret Life of Books by Professor Tom Mole. You can read my review of that here and I’ve put a bit about the book below.

So huge thanks to everyone who has supported my blog over the years. Get entering the competition and good luck!

About the book

We love books. We take them to bed with us. They weigh down our suitcases when we go on holiday. We display them on our bookshelves or store them in our attics. We give them as gifts. We write our names in them. We take them for granted. And all the time, our books are leading a double life.

The Secret Life of Books is about everything that isn’t just the words. It’s about how books transform us as individuals. It’s about how books – and readers – have evolved over time. And it’s about why, even with the arrival of other media, books still have the power to change our lives.

In this illuminating account, Tom Mole looks at everything from binding innovations to binding errors, to books defaced by lovers, to those imprisoning professors in their offices, to books in art, to burned books, to the books that create nations, to those we’ll leave behind.

It will change how you think about books.

A real treasure trove for book lovers’ – Alexander McCall Smith

31 thoughts on “Best blog year celebration #giveaway! Win a copy of The Secret Life of Books by @ProfTomMole @EandTBooks

  1. Congrats!! Such a great feeling to meet personal goals! 🎉🎉🎉
    I’ve had my best year too….in spite of a blogging slump in the spring when I couldn’t focus!
    Right now I’m immersed in The Choice by Dr Edith Eger…..soooo good!

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  2. Sounds like a great book, I have to say I miss having physical copies but struggle for space. My current read is Silent Night by Nell Pattison.

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    1. It’s a lovely book Susan and I know what you mean about lack of space. I’m much more ruthless about passing books on now when I’m finished! Good luck in the giveaway 😊

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  3. Congratulations! The Secret Life of Books sounds interesting and I always love a book about books. I’m just about to begin reading Just A Girl, a romantic comedy by Becky Monson.

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  4. Many congrats on your blog’s success, Joanne – and for helping to promote literary events in your home town too! I’m reading Abir Mukherjee’s fourth novel in his Sam Wyndham crime series, Death in the East. It’s a bit different from the other India ones, as a lot of the plot takes place in London but it’s still an entertaining read. x

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  5. Congratulations on your best year.
    Currently I’m reading an ARC of Don’t Tell by Paul Williams, and finding it pretty much unputdownable.
    Jane Willis

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