Generation Book Club – book clubs fighting loneliness during lockdown

When I heard about Generation Book Club, I just had to tell you about it. All the restrictions we have had to endure this year has made life rather lonely and isolated for many people. I for one have found reading even more of an escape than usual over the past few months, enabling me to travel to places we can’t go to and live in a world without a pandemic. Many book clubs have gone online so that their members can still chat about books and just have that feeling that you have actually connected with someone even though it’s through a screen.

Generation Book Club is a campaign that aims to fight loneliness through the power of book clubs and create an alliance of bookclubs which welcome different generations. The campaign has just been launched and already book clubs are signing up. The aim is to have at least one bookclub from every county in the UK signed up by World Book Day next year which is Thursday 4th March.

Louie  Freeman Bassett who set up Generation Book Club told me,

“I’ve found speaking to people about what we’re reading during lockdown has been a brilliant way to stay connected, particularly for older family members who you might not usually speak to as much. So it dawned on me as ‘Lockdown 2’ approached that book clubs are a superb social network that can help people fight loneliness and meet people from different generations. I’ve worked for some great charities in the past so thought I could try and set up a campaign to do my bit this time round!”

You’ll find Generation Book Club on Instagram and Facebook.

You can find out more about the campaign, find a bookclub near you or sign up your own book club on the website here: Generation Book Club

9 thoughts on “Generation Book Club – book clubs fighting loneliness during lockdown

  1. Great idea. One of my bookclub stopped during the first lockdown and hasn’t restarted yet. Fortunately I joined another in January and we’ve kept that going online. It’s currently the only social event I get to look forward to each month.

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  2. That’s such a wonderful idea!!! I feel book clubs are perfect for a time like this. Especially now with Zoom, and being able to meet virtually and still talk books. Also reading the same books connects in a way that not many things manage these days.

    ~ Corina |

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  3. I’m so glad our book club has been able to meet online. We do represent many generations – from some young singletons to grandparents. Sadly only one male representative ….

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    1. That’s brilliant. Mine are pretty much all the same age having met through our kids being in the same class at school way back. No men. Seems very common for book groups to be mostly women. Wonder why that is?


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