My Year in Books 2020

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I have seen this a few times recently and was inspired to take part after reading the post by Cathy at 746 Books. You can read that post here: 746 Books. It looked like good fun so I decided I would do it too!

The idea is that you have a look at the books you have read this year (2020) and see if you can use the titles to answer these questions. They don’t necessarily have to be a true answer, just something which answers the questions in a logical way. Click the titles if you want to read my reviews.

In high school I was Waiting for Lindsay

People might be surprised by The Secrets of Sunshine

I will never be Hidden

My life in (full) lockdown was Very Nearly Normal

My fantasy job is A Dark Matter

At the end of a long day I need The Sight of You

I hate Bad Debt

Wish I had  The Italian Villa

My family reunions are Something to Live For

At a party you’d find me with Queenie

I’ve never been to A Wedding on the Riviera

A happy day includes Escape to the Art Cafe

Motto I live by Cabinet of Calm

On my bucket list is A Year at the Chateau

In my next life, I want to have Fulfilment

So there we have my choices! Anyone else fancy joining in?

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