Parts Of Me: From Me To You by Cisel Ozbay – #poetry #bookreview

I don’t read an awful lot of poetry but when Cisel Ozbay got in touch to tell me about her book ‘Parts Of Me: From Me To You’, my interest was piqued.

It is a collection of short poems which, when read together, form a complete story of a relationship. The writing is simple, yet beautiful and really spoke to me. I felt a strong sense of connection to the poems. The intense joy and love felt by the narrator is plainly laid out, as is their stark devastation at the relationship ending. The longing still to be with the object of their desire lingers long after they are gone. And then comes the bitterness, the acceptance and the healing.

The author has kindly given me permission to share one of her poems here and since it’s very windy as I’m writing this, I have chosen the one called Wind.


If I close my eyes tight enough, I can find you in the wind.

You run your fingers through my hair, brush against my hands,
whistle a soft word in my ear.

You touch my skin, fill my lungs, embrace me completely.

The whole of me becomes consumed with the whole of you.

I was so impressed that the author could convey so much emotion in such few, well chosen words. I think that there is a common experience that many people will recognise in her words and that readers will identify with many of her feelings and emotions. This is a touching collection of poetry from an author with a deft way with words.

From the back of the book

There is always one person who changes you in ways nobody else has or ever will. That person will always be a part of you because they’ve helped you find yourself. There is a you before them and a you after them. It is not the connection or the person here which is important as such, but the ways in which they have transformed the writer. This collection of poems captures the author’s journey with that one person, with all the bitterness and pain, there is something beautiful in this journey of finding the self in love.

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About the author

Cisel Ozbay

Cisel Ozbay is an author from London who began writing during her time at University in Aberdeen. She was inspired by her own life experiences and the turbulent times in her life. Acknowledging the benefits of writing on her own self growth she now writes regularly. Her Parts Of Me: From Me to You, and Parts Of Me: Lost of Found books contain poems written during this same period in her life.

You can find Cisel on Instagram: @parts_of_me_poetry_ 

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