Poems by Post – August poem – Humane by Rohan Samuel – artwork by Morgan McHale-Dill -@poemsbypost

Rather belatedly, I’m popping up a quick post to share this month’s poem from Poems by Post which arrived earlier this month. The poem is called ‘Humane‘ and is by poet Rohan Samuel. It’s a really thought provoking piece about what makes us human and humane, about what is humanity. I appreciated the reflection on the back of the accompanying card which talks about how each person who reads the poem will take something different from the poem.

As always, the poem is hand-typed on Erika and comes with an illustration reflecting the poem which this month is by Morgan McHale-Dill.

If you would like to know more about Poems by Post or the poets featured, including how to subscribe yourself, have a look at my blogpost from last month or the Poems by Post website. I hope to have a feature to find out more about the founders of Poems by Post to share with you soon.

My blogpost about the July poem: click here to read

Poems by Post website: click here

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