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I loved Emma Christie’s first novel, The Silent Daughter and I wasn’t alone as it was listed for several major crime writing prizes. It was one of my top reads of last year and I just couldn’t put it down. So I was really excited to read her new book, Find Her First, and see if I found it just as gripping. Spoiler alert – I did! Thanks to Maddie at Welbeck Publishing for sending me a copy of the book for review and for the invitation to take part in the blogtour. Find Her First is out now in paperback and ebook.

About the book

Where is Stef Campbell? And who can be trusted to bring her home? 

Paramedic Andy Campbell has a secret he can’t tell anyone, not least the police.

But when his missing wife’s image is found at the home of a suspected killer, detectives start asking questions, and they’re not the only ones . . . 

The race for the truth leads them far from their Edinburgh home – but who will find her first, and will they save her life or take it? 

My Thoughts

Well if there’s one thing that Emma Christie knows it’s how to grab her readers’ attention from the start and not let go till the final page! I was intrigued from the first few chapters where we find out that paramedic Stef has gone missing and that her husband Andy feels guilty for some reason. I really liked the Portobello and Edinburgh setting of course and had good fun trying to work out exactly where everything was taking place.

There are so many secrets being kept in this story, secrets which are hinted at and gradually revealed throughout the book. For me it was a really fast paced read as I wanted to know what had happened to Stef and what, if anything, Andy had to do with it. And, of course, I wanted to know who would find her first, Andy or their cleaner Betty

Betty was a brilliant character and it was such a good idea to make her a cleaner. Like workers in many walks of life, she may have seemed at times unimportant and unseen but she knew everyone’s secrets. Well, apart from what had happened to Stef of course. I could imagine her walking along the prom, placing her lucky pennies and waiting to see who picked them up. I wondered what her back story was and found her such an interesting character. I could see her being a recurring character in future novels, uncovering secrets in various houses she cleans in.

Although for once I did guess part of the secret surrounding Stef’s disappearance (most unusual for me!) I didn’t work out everything and was taken by surprise on more than one occasion. Even though I thought I knew what might have happened, Emma Christie, kept me guessing literally to the last page.

Find Her First is an excellent thriller, one that will keep you on the edge of your seat and reading ‘just one more chapter’ as you will be desperate to find out what has happened. It says a lot that I raced through this in just a couple of days. It’s clever, compelling and surprisingly emotional at times. I can’t wait to read Emma Christie’s next book and see what twisty tale she comes up with next!

About the Author

Emma Christie grew up in a book-filled house in Cumnock, an Ayrshire coal-mining town.

After quitting her law degree to study English literature and medieval history at Aberdeen University, she spent five years working as a news reporter with one of the UK’s top-selling regional daily newspapers, The Press and Journal.

Throughout her journalism career, she secretly wanted to be every author she ever interviewed.

When she’s not writing, Emma now works as a tour director and lecturer in history, culture and politics with a US travel company, leading educational journeys across Spain, France and Portugal.

She can often been found in Portobello, Edinburgh’s captivating seaside community, but lives in Barcelona with her girlfriend, María Jose, and far too many plants.

More at and across all social media at @theemmachristie

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