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I’m always excited when I see that Mhairi McFarlane has a new book out. I have loved every single one of hers that I’ve read. I know I’m going to get a mixture of love and laughter with a few serious issues in the mix.

About the book

Two strangers.
One big coincidence.
Driving each other crazy is just the beginning…

Harriet Hatley is running away from everything.

Getting married.
Her boyfriend’s family.
Her past.

A dream house-share seems like the perfect place to hide, but her unlikely housemate Cal is no stranger to running away himself. And he’s also hiding secrets of his own . . .

Can these two take a crazy risk, face the past and finally find a reason to stay?

My Thoughts

Mhairi McFarlane is one of those authors whose books I always want to read without even checking what they are about first! They are books I unfailingly enjoy and this was no exception.

It’s such an insightful look into broken relationships and coercive controlling relationships which sounds like it’s going to be heavy going but with the author’s skilful writing, it isn’t. There’s a fair bit about the power of social media to destroy a reputation by implication and how people can jump on a bandwagon without knowing the full facts.

Female friendship is strong in the book with Harriet having the support of Roxy and Lorna, although one of them gets taken in by another of the characters and lets Harriet down. It was great to see women standing up for each other in many ways throughout the book and sometimes being very courageous to do so. There’s one particular scene near the end which almost had me cheering out loud for the women as someone gets their comeuppance!

There are serious issues dealt with in the book but there is also a gorgeous, slow burn romance. And there is Mhairi McFarlane’s trademark humour throughout giving a lighter touch and making this a joyful and uplifting read.

With Mad About You, Mhairi McFarlane has retained her crown as Queen of the Romcom. I loved it!

Mad About You is published by Harper Collins and is available now in ebook, paperback and audiobook. My thanks to the publishers for my review copy from Netgalley

About the Author

The queen of romcom, Mhairi McFarlane has sold nearly 2 million copies of her books. Born in Scotland in 1976, she now lives in Nottingham, with a man and a cat.

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