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I was on holiday when this book was released a few weeks ago and didn’t have time to read and review before I went away. However, I do love Jules Wake’s books so I was determined not to miss out and read it while I was away. I really enjoyed it though I’m still not quite sure it has tempted me to do a spot of wild swimming!

About the book

She’s trying to figure out her future.

He’s trying to forget his past.

But with the help of some unlikely friends, young and old, and a scruffy dog who just can’t help getting into trouble, a new community is formed – just when they all need each other the most.

My Thoughts

Ettie (Ethel) Merman has always loved to swim. She was taught by her grandfather and it is something which calms and centres her. Ettie never seemed to have much luck with her jobs though even she couldn’t be blamed for a gas explosion seeing off her previous shop! She hadn’t had much opportunity to develop her skills having had to leave school early to help support her family.

It was obvious to me that she needed to find something she as passionate about and it was brilliant to see her find that passion helping Dominic develop plans for his hotel. She really blossomed given the chance to use her talent and skills.

The wild swimmers at the lake are such a diverse group of people brought to life by Jules Wake in a way that has you rooting for each of them to find what they need to heal. There’s a real spirit of friendship, camaraderie and encouragement.

This is quite a funny book too with the scenes between Ettie and her family providing lots of smiles. Some of the situations Ettie gets herself in are laugh out loud funny. But there’s a poignancy too particularly in her relationship with her grandfather.

One of the characters mentions that to get into the get into the water “you just have to be brave’ and this was a real metaphor for so many of the characters in the book who showed much bravery and courage in some difficult situations. Who would have thought that a weekly swim in a lake would lead to friendship, courage, confidence and, in some cases, love. A real-life changing experience for so many of the characters. The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim is a really feel-good and heart-warming read.

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About the Author

Jules Wake is the internationally bestselling author of over ten books including The Saturday Morning Park Run. She also writes as Julie Caplin and her Romantic Escapes series has hit the bestseller charts around the world.

After reading English at the University of East Anglia, Jules Wake worked in PR where she honed her fiction writing skills on press releases.  She’s now a full-time author and what better job is there than making stuff up! It certainly beats housework.

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Instagram @juleswakeauthor

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