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Yes I know it’s still summer – or at least it’s meant to be! – and there are lots of lovely summery books out just now to have you dreaming of holidays and whisking you away to warmer climes. In fact, when it comes to seasonal books, readers are spoiled for choice with spring, summer and winter/Christmas themed books. But Autumn often seems to get overlooked and as it’s my favourite season of all, I couldn’t resist reading this one even if it is a little out of season.

About the Book

The first in a new romantic comedy series from CP Ward, author of Christmas at Marshmallow Café and Summer at Blue Sands Cove.

Having fled a relationship and a previous life she would rather forget, young teacher Jennifer Stevens throws herself into a demanding new job at Brentwell Primary. Charged with marshalling a group of unruly eight-year-olds to the autumn harvest festival, her only solace is the peace of nearby Sycamore Park.

As the evenings draw in and the leaves begin to fall, will new friends, delicious autumn treats, and a possible new man on the orange-tinted horizon help Jennifer finally come to terms with her past and begin to look forward into the future?

Autumn at Sycamore Park is another delightful romantic comedy from CP Ward, author of several popular seasonally themed novels. Set against a backdrop of warm autumn days, it offers everything fans of CP Ward’s other books have come to love: laughter, friendship, good times, and a hint of newly discovered love.

My Thoughts

I began reading this book very curious as to why Jennifer had made this new start and by all accounts a very unexpected departure from her previous job, home and relationship. I had my suspicions about why this might have been although I was only partly right. She seemed a lovely caring person, a dedicated teacher and it seemed quite out of character for her just to have up and left.

The staff at her new school were an eclectic bunch and not many of them seemed very likeable at first. I wondered why some of them were even in teaching! The pupils were more endearing, particularly as we got to know them and their home circumstances. It was so lovely seeing how Jennifer wanted the best for her pupils and really took the time to get to know them.

“Autumn was the best season [Jennifer] thought. Fine weather, beautiful colours, but also a season of change, of fresh starts.” Jennifer certainly found a new start in the community of Brentwell, which the author has populated with such a mix of people, all with their own interesting stories to tell.

Autumn in Sycamore Park is a light and entertaining read. It’s humorous in parts with a gentle romance in the mix too. It’s a relatively short book and ideal if you are looking for a quick and easy read about fresh starts and new beginnings with an autumnal feel.

My thanks to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for having me as part of the tour and providing a review ecopy of the book. Autumn in Sycamore Park is available to buy now. At the time of writing the Kindle version was just 99p but please do check before buying as prices often change.

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About the Author

CP Ward is a writer from the UK who currently lives and works in Nagano, Japan. For more information, please visit

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