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I’m taking part in the #booktour for Old Bones Lie, the sixth book in Marion Todd’s DI Clare Mackay series. Thanks to Kelly at Love Books Tours for the invitation to join in the tour. Old Bones Lie is published by Canelo Crime in ebook and paperback today. Happy publication day Marion! Marion is sharing #TenThings she’d like her readers to know about her and I have to admit that the second one made me laugh!


  • In the late 1980s I won first prize in a short story for children competition organised by Family Circle Magazine (once very popular but now no longer published). The prize was a cheque for £250 and I really wanted to buy a painting with it. But my sensible head made me put it towards my first computer, an early Apple Mac.
  • My first love was music and I used to teach piano and even played in a hotel bar. On one memorable occasion I was hired by a woman to play piano at a private party for her friend’s 40th. I was to be a surprise and when I arrived her friends presented me to the woman as her birthday present. She was temporarily horrified because she thought I was a stripper! (I promise I was NOT dressed like a stripper).
  • There’s an English Bull Terrier called Benjy in my books and some readers think I actually have one of these. Our dog’s actually a Staffy Cross but he’s every bit as badly behaved as Benjy. In fact, I met and fell in love with two EBTs when I was taking our dog to obedience classes. The classes did NOT work but I hope Benjy, as a character, does.
  • My first attempt at a crime novel was provisionally entitled ‘Dead Cold’ but it will never be published. It was a learning experience. However, it includes some characters I’ve used in the series. So never throw away your unsuccessful writing. You never know when it’ll come in handy.
  • I used to make and sell candles and before that I had a business growing garden plants.
  • My favourite book is not a crime novel. It’s ‘Mapp and Lucia’ by E F Benson. It’s wonderfully witty and a real lesson on creating characters that leap off the page; and I’m in awe of how the smallest thing can become so compelling. Fabulous writing.
  • I can fold my fingers over each other at 90 degrees – my weird party trick!
  • I plan my books carefully using PowerPoint – one slide per scene. It’s important events happen in the right order so I enjoy dragging the slides around to make sure the action flows correctly.
  • I love doing research – it’s so much easier than writing! I’m currently looking into how CCTV is used in cities.
  • I have a large and very untidy garden so when I’m not writing I lose myself there, pretending to weed and prune. It’s a great place to think and helps me sort out plot glitches.

About the book

DI Clare Mackay is about to face a test of her loyalty…

When a report comes in that a van containing two prison officers and a convicted jewel thief is missing, the police in St Andrews work quickly to locate the vehicle. Their efforts prove in vain when no trace is found and they realise the wives of both officers also appear to have left the area. Is this a case of corrupt guards springing a felon, or innocent people caught in the crossfire?

DI Clare Mackay leads the team but has to do without her right hand man; DS Chris West is a cousin to one of the missing prison officers and must not be involved in the case. With a new sergeant at her side plus a previously unencountered DCI, Clare’s people skills are pushed to the limit. Especially once she realises her boss is keeping her on the sidelines. Just what is it that Clare doesn’t know? And if she has to choose between keeping secrets from a friend, or letting slip something that could see a culprit go free, which path will she take?

A compelling addition to the bestselling series by a much-loved Scottish crime author, perfect for fans of Caro Ramsay, Lin Anderson and Alex Gray.

About the Author

A native of Dundee, Marion studied music with the Open University and worked for many years as a piano teacher and jobbing accompanist. A spell as a hotel lounge pianist provided rich fodder for her writing and she began experimenting with a variety of genres. Early success saw her winning first prize in the Family Circle Magazine short story for children national competition and she followed this up by writing short stories and articles for her local newspaper.

Life (and children) intervened and, for a few years, Marion’s writing was put on hold. During this time, she worked as a college lecturer, plantswoman and candle-maker. But, as a keen reader of crime fiction, the lure of the genre was strong, and she began writing her debut crime novel. Now a full-time writer, Marion lives in North-east Fife, overlooking the River Tay. She can often be found working out plots for her novels while tussling with her jungle-like garden and walking her daughter’s unruly but lovable dog.

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