Summer’s One #MustReadBook 2022 #Collaboration #SummerReading [Book Reviews]

Delighted to be taking part in Summer’s One #MustReadBook again this year. You’ll find recommendations from bloggers in various parts of the world. A big thank you to Carol at ReadingLadies for putting it all together.

Reading Ladies

July 8, 2022

Find Your One “Must Read” Book of Summer 2022!

One Great Summer Read: tight focus a the book a woman is reading on the sand next to a body of water

Image Source: Canva

Are you pondering what book to choose for your vacation or staycation?

Are you in limbo trying to decide what ONE great book to read this summer?

Do you ever wish someone would just TELL you what book to read?

Are you looking for a list of trusted book review bloggers?

Do you spend more time thinking about which book to pack for your vacation than packing the clothes? (oh…just me?)

If you only have time to read ONE more book before summer’s end, what would you choose?

beach reads cartoon

This is the time of year when readers in my hemisphere are looking for “Beach Reads.” (If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, happy “winter reading!”) The term “Beach Read” is puzzling to me because I think any book you read at the beach or the pool is…

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